AG Sindh Pay Slip 2024 Download Online by CNIC & Name

Accountant General AG Sindh Pay slip 2024 online Download by CNIC and Name from this page. Govt of Sindh Pay slip for employees receive via Email Online. Here is a technique for Sindh government workers to download their whole month’s payslips to their email addresses. It is advised that workers join right away so that they may all access their own online payslips in their inboxes. The wage slip for 2024 may be readily sent to your Gmail account using this approach, which has been effective for many past months.

Online Salary Slip Download

All Sind Government workers may get their AG Sindh payslip for 2024 online using the way described below. Please follow the instructions below to set up your very own salary slip account, and your registered email address will then be subscribed to get your Sindh education, police, Wapda, rescue, and health department payslips for the year 2024 .

Employee salary slip

To develop and distribute the online wage slips for the Sindh AG office, PIFRA receives all information from the Sindh finance department through the website.

AG Sindh Pay Slip 2024 Online

Ag Sindh E-Pay Slip system is operating without a hitch, and no server outages have been recorded. Employees may quickly get their payslips from ePayrolls. The AG Sindh website’s interface is appealing, and everything is well-managed. When you click the Pay Slip Link on the right side of the screen, the LOG IN page appears.

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AG Sindh Pay Slip online Registration

You must first log in to ag Sindh’s e-payslip service, which is accessible from the website’s bottom, in order to see your pay stub. After inputting your personal number, be cautious not to lose your password. You can send your application in prescribed Performa through your DDO to DAO/AG Sindh well before drawing your first salary. Online Registration

And if you haven’t enrolled yet, you may do so in only three minutes. Enter your personal information, choose a password, and confirm it. Do not forget the password. Enter your NIC# (xxxxx-xxxxxxx-x), appointment date (, and mother’s maiden name (you’ll also need this information if you forget your password); then click Submit. Since all the information relates to workers in Sindh, this is solely for Sindh employees.

Online Pension Slip Sindh

سرکای ملازم اپنی سیلری سلپ اپنے ای میل پر حاصل کریں۔

Online Salary Slip Download

Download Slip

However, the Punjabi workforce is awaiting the return of the AG Punjab epay roll website. This has been ineffective from its inception.

Login Requirements for Ag Sindh Pay Slip

  1. The Ag Sindh pay slip’s login page is located at
  2. Ag Sindh pay slip login requires a valid Username and Password, however you could also be asked for an email address or username.
  3. Using a compatible browser, you may reach the official Ag Sindh Pay Slip Login page.
  4. decent internet connectivity on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or computer

Email Registration for PaySlip

2019 with relation to the PaySlip email registration solution. The Office of the Accountant General of Sindh may generate and utilise the email address of each and every employee of the Government of Sindh receiving salary through payroll.

Where do I find my employee number on my payslip?

A payroll identification number: where can I find it? A payroll number is often seen at the top of a paystub, next to the employee’s name. The number can appear as 0123456. Each corporation has a different format.

Official Web Portal of Sindh Government

Final Bidding Documents for Works, SPPRA Rules 2010, Sindh Local Government Act 2013, and Sindh Government Rules of Business 1986 (Amended 2013) more rules Pakistani Ministry of Science and Technology’s IT Policy and Action Plan, 2009 Sindh Public Procurement Act, and Chief Secretary’s Notification of PPRA

How can I get my salary slip online in Sindh?

You may either fill out a payslip registration form and get your monthly salary slip in the mail or you can download your salary slip straight away at In addition to registering pay stubs, the DDO budget expenditure and bill status may be accessed.

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  1. I have not been receiving my pay slips since feb.2022 in my email address. Please start sending the same and oblige.

  2. Sir I am not receiving my Pension slips since April 2023. Every month I have to visit A G Sindh office. Previously it was an easy task, but now you have to stand for a long time in queue for entry via NIC registration and on reaching the Pension Office have to stand in a long line for your turn. I am 74 years plus senior citizen with Knee Problems. It is a very very difficult exercise, please look into the matter sympathetically and Oblige.
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