Azerbaijan Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023 Apply Online

Azerbaijan Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023 is Rs. 13,500 with normal fee and e Visa fast track is Rs, 26,500. Travel agencies and all individuals can apply for electronic visas at the official website: Within 3-5 business days of completing the online form and receiving confirmation, you can have your e-visa sent straight to your email. The electronic visa application must be submitted at least 3 working days before the intended trip date to the Republic of Azerbaijan, per the official website. $20 for the application evaluation and $3 for the service cost comprise the $23 application fee for an e-Visa.

Azerbaijan Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023

Title: Azerbaijan Work Visa Fee
Visa Type: Work Visa
Vacancies: Multiple
Get Visa: Click Here to Apply Online
Air Ticket Price From Pakistan: Starting at PKR 135102
Jobs Type: Residence/Part Time

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Baku Visa from Pakistan

To check the complete process and procedure to apply for an Azerbaijan Baku Visa from Pakistan. If applying through a travel agency is still your preference, you must mail the necessary paperwork to the travel agency. The majority of these travel providers’ websites have application forms. Once the travel agency forwards these documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you should receive your Azerbaijani visa at most 15 days, preferably 10 days in advance. Pakistan is now able to apply for e-visas, thanks to Azerbaijan.

Even so, it can linger up to six weeks, so be sure the days of your oath are at least a month apart. If the applicant for an Azerbaijan visa booked the hotel directly through a travel agency, the e-visa cost will typically be €40 per person. If the applicant produces a confirmation letter signed and stamped by the hotel directly, the cost would be €60.

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Documents Requirement for Azerbaijan Visa for Pakistan

  • Date and Sign the Application.
  • Verify Passport
  • At least three months must pass after the anticipated return from Azerbaijan for the passport to remain valid.
  • At least Two Blank Pages That Were Published Within the Last Ten Years
  • A photo’s colour, measuring 3.5 by 4.5 cm (about 1.2 by 1.6 inches)
  • The background should be solid and light-coloured, facing the front.
  • Hotel Confirmation/Reservation Letter (A Travel Agent May Help With This)
  • Air Ticket for Azerbaijan (Copy)

Fast Track Baku Visa Price in Pakistan

Suppose you’re pressed for time. Get the Azerbaijan/Baku Fast Track visa for a little Rs. 25,000. This guarantees that the same day you receive your ticket. You can apply with just your passport if you want expedited processing for your access. Nothing else is needed. The stated e-visa fee covered all expenses. None of the hidden fees exist.

Visa Type Processing Time Fee
Visit Visa 30 Days with FastTrack – Full Package 1 Working Days PKR 35,000
Visit Visa 30 Days with  Full Package 5 Working Days PKR 20,000

Processing Time for Pakistani Work Visa to Azerbaijan

Send in your application to Azerbaijan’s State Migration Service. Cover the necessary cost. Await the outcome, which may come in a few days or longer.

How Can I Track My Visa Application?

  1. Go to Azerbaijan’s official website for visa information.
  2. See whether you can follow the progress of the visa application.
  3. You can track your VISA application’s progress using your DOB or reference number.
  4. After entering the necessary data, complete the captcha and press submit.

Within three (3) days of their arrival in Azerbaijan, foreign nationals and stateless individuals must register with the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan ( Additional details and the application form (pdf). Submission of the application form and a copy of the passport will be the responsibility of the sponsor (hotel, nursing home, lounge, dormitory, camp, tourist base, hospital, any public place, apartment or other places of residence, the administration of the site, or the owner of the living space).

Search Job as a Foreigner in Azerbaijan

There are several options for foreigners seeking jobs in Azerbaijan to locate openings. The following advice can help you in your search:

Examine online job Boards: Sites like and Jobsearch. Az lists a lot of employment openings.
Network: To locate employment chances, use your personal and professional networks. Join groups for professionals, go to career fairs, and use LinkedIn to make connections with Azerbaijani professionals.
Contact Ciring companies: By contacting recruitment firms, you can locate employment possibilities that fit your expertise and skill set.
The need for English teachers in Azerbaijan is excellent, so you should consider becoming a teacher and applying for teaching employment after earning your TEFL certification.
Investigate global corporations: Since many multinational corporations are based in Azerbaijan, you should look into organizations in your sector to see if they are hiring.
As a foreigner, you can improve your chances of landing a job in Azerbaijan by employing these tactics.

How to Apply for an Azerbaijan Work Visa: Step-by-Step Guide

You must apply for a work visa to work in Azerbaijan. Here’s how to apply for a work visa to Azerbaijan step-by-step:

  1. Ascertain the kind of work visa you require in light of your employment circumstances.
  2. Obtain the necessary paperwork, such as a current passport, work permit, and an invitation letter from your workplace.
  3. Complete the online visa application and attach the necessary files.
  4. Remit the online application fee for a visa.
  5. Make an appointment to turn in your biometric information at the Azerbaijani embassy or consulate closest to you.
  6. Keep your appointment to deliver your biometric information (picture and fingerprints).
  7. Await the processing and approval of your visa application.
  8. Get your visa at the consulate or embassy of Azerbaijan.
  9. Keep in mind that processing times may differ depending on the particular type of visa you need. To prevent delays or rejection, it’s also crucial to double-check all supporting documentation and data before submitting your application.

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