Bahrain Work Visa Price in Pakistan 2023 Requirements

Bahrain Work Visa Price in Pakistan 2023 is 29 BD or approximately 77 USD. Interested candidates can get their Visa from Pakistan to Bahrain at a very affordable price with full packages at Bahrain Work Visa is now open for Pakistanis. You must have your passport, and our team of experts will complete the process without any hassle or strain. Three months before the trip date is the earliest time to apply for a Bahrain visa. Giving enough time for visa processing does not modify the subject. It is advised that all applications be made at least two weeks before travel.

Bahrain Work Visa for Pakistani 2023

To apply for a Bahrain visa online, complete a brief application form with personal and travel information, pay the required money, and wait for an email with an accepted e-Visa.

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Bahrain Work Visa Price for Pakistani Nationals

A Pakistani passport holder can apply for a Bahrain visa in a fairly straightforward manner. Both the application and the e-visa are submitted electronically. The cost of an adult visa is just 29 BHD (13195 Pakistani Rupees). Just go to the Bahrain e-Visa website, select Apply, and start the visa application.

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Types of Work Visas in Bahrain

To recruit foreign workers in Bahrain, you must determine whether they require a visa. All citizens of the six Gulf nations, collectively known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states and naturalized British citizens, are exempt from needing a visa to enter Bahrain. With the help of the Directorate of Immigration and Passports, British nationals may stay for up to one month and request a brief extension.

The following visas are required for everyone else to obtain:

Tourist visa: People from the US, the EU, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and New Zealand can obtain this visa for two weeks. Employment is not permitted.

Visitor visa: To enter Bahrain with this visa, other foreign people must be sponsored by a Bahraini who applies on the visitor’s behalf. It is only good for one month and prohibits employment.

72-hour and seven-day Visa: 72-hour and 7-day visas are available at the port of entry for short-stay business travelers. A valid passport and onward ticket are necessary.

Business visa: A business visa is required for visitors who intend to stay in Bahrain for more than a week on business. The length of this visa, which can last up to four weeks, varies based on the kind of trip.

Work visa: If any of your employees accept employment, they will all require work visas. This permit gives your employees the right to residency and lasts one to two years. Most of the paperwork will be organized by you.

Family visa: To live in Bahrain while the employee is employed, any members of the worker’s immediate family will require a family visa, also known as a residence permit. They are only able only able to work witt a unique work visa.

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Bahrain Visa Document Required from Pakistan

Bahrain from Pakistan requires the following documentation.

  • Application Form.
  • Must have a Scanned Cop for Passport.
  • Make a hotel reservation.
  • Bank Account Statement.
  • A minimum account balance requirement.
  • Make a flight reservation.
  • The airline has confirmed your return ticket.

Bahrain Visa Requirements from Pakistan

The following requirements must be met to obtain a Bahrain visa from Pakistan.

  • A copy of the return ticket is required.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport photo page and a copy of the passport’s last page are needed for the passports.
  • A copy of the last three months’ worth of bank statements with the names of visitors and an ending balance of at least PKR 136500 are required of applicants.

Application Procedure Step by Step

Before foreigners enter the country, the Bahraini Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) processes and provides all visas. Employees must take specific actions as they submit the required paperwork. Employees should demonstrate their academic or professional qualifications and give a medical report. Bahrain normally responds to all requests for work visas in five business days. However, there is a chance of delays lasting up to two weeks.

The following actions must be taken by the employer to obtain a Bahrain work visa:

  1. To apply for a new work permit, you must sign in to the LMRA EMS system.
  2. Print the confirmation of your application.
  3. Use the application ID to log into the EMS system and check the application status.
  4. Calling the LMRA contact center at +973 17506055 and providing the application ID to the service representatives, visiting the express Services area of the LMRA website using the application ID, or using the expat’s passport number or personal number.
  5. Once the new work permit has been approved, you can visit a recognized bank or use the EMS system to make the payments.
  6. From the EMS system, print the work permit.
  7. To obtain the work permit sticker, bring the print to the immigration office.

Bahrain Embassy in Pakistan Contact Number

Address: House No : 12, Street 2, Margala Road, F-6/3 Islamabad, Pakistan
Telephone: Opening Line: +9251

Tel: +92512307881 – +92512307882 – +92512307883

Fax: +92512307885

Email: [email protected]

Bahrain Embassy Official Website:

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