Belgium Work Visa Price in Pakistan, Apply Online

Belgium Work Visa is open for Pakistani candidates who are willing to reside in Belgium. The visa price for a single entry from Pakistan to Belgium is US $100 which is Pakistani 29,167.17 PKR. The multiple entry visa price for a Belgium work visa is US $150 which is 43,750.76 in PKR if you are staying for 1 year. But if you are staying for more than 1 year, then the visa price of multiple entries is US $200 which is Pakistani 58,334.34 PKR. If you are applying for a work visa, you must apply for a job in a company in Belgium. Because a sponsorship from an employer working in an authorized company in Belgium is required.

Belgium Work Visa For Pakistani

After you get a sponsorship, you can easily complete the visa process. There are three different types of visas for which Pakistani candidates can apply. The duration of their visa depends on their purpose and the duration of their job. You can apply for any of these visa types i.e. Visa Type A, B, and C.

Title Belgium Work Visa Price in Pakistan
Visa Type Work, Business, Travel
Vacancies Multiple
Work Visa Price US $100
Job Type Part-time, Residency
Stay Duration 1 Year
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Belgium Work Visa Price in Pakistan

Visa Type Single Entry Multiple up to 1 Year Multiple More Than 1 Year
Visit/Tourist US$ 35 US$ 52.50 US$ 70
Work/Business US$ 100 US$ 150 US$ 200
Transit US$ 17.50

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Requirements for Belgium Work Visa

There are a few requirements that Pakistani or any foreign individuals have to provide to apply for a work visa. However, due to membership of Belgium in the European Union, individuals from the EU don’t require any work permit. They can work in the country without a work permit. Moreover, Switzerland nationals and residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) are likewise excluded. Everybody else will require a permit. Following are the requirements that you need to provide. Make sure to provide all the documents to secure your work visa.

  • Valid Passports of the candidate along with copies of recent and old passports.
  • Recently clicked Passport-size pictures with 80% of the candidate’s face and white background.
  • A sponsorship letter from an employer in Belgium and evidence of your stay in the country.
  • A Bank Statement that proves that you are financially stable enough to live in the country for a limited period of time or for the time required for your job. The applicants must have at least PKR 800,000 in their Bank Account.
  • National Identity Card i.e. CNIC and Family Registration Certificate (FRC) which proves your record in NADRA.
  •  Criminal Recode i.e. Poice Background check to ensure that you are not involved in any crime.
  • A health certificate to ensure that you are healthy enough to travel and take care of yourself. And you don’t have any contagious diseases.

Lastly, a work permit/visa is compulsory. These are the requirements that you need to provide in order to secure a Belgium work visa.

Belgium Visa Types

There are several visa types in which individuals from different countries can apply based on their purpose of visit. The duration of each visa is foxed. You are not allowed to stay longer than the validity of the visa’s duration. However, there are chances to extend or renew your visa to stay longer.

  1. Work Visa
  2. Travel Visa
  3. Business Visa
  4. Transit Visa
  5. Student Visa
  6. Family Visa

Apply for any of these visas based on your reason for visiting. Make sure to provide all the required documents to get more chances of getting your visa.

Belgium Work Visa Types

There are three different types of work visas for which Pakistani or any foreign individual can apply. There are some requirements that you need to fulfill to apply for visas. Following are the work visa types in which you can apply to work in Belgium.

  1. Work Visa Type A
  2. Work Visa Type B
  3. Work Visa Type C

Work Visa Type A

Type A visas are eligible for those candidates who have possessed the Type B visa for four years continuously during a ten-year stay in the country. If you possess the Type B visa without interruption or discontinuity then you are eligible to apply for a Type A visa. Type A visas are permanent visas in which candidates can reside in the country permanently.

Work Visa Type B

The visa type in which applicants need a sponsorship from an employer in Belgium. And they can work in positions that are not open for Belgium citizens. The validity of a stay on a Type B visa is 1 year. However, you can renew your visa.

Work Visa Type C

Type C visas are for students or other travelers who want to reside in the country for a short period of time. The validity of stay on this visa is a maximum of 1 year. You need to provide the respective documents to apply for this visa.

Belgium Work Visa Price in Pakistan

There are different prices for single and multiple entries. Basically, the prices depend on how long you stay in the country. If you stay in the country for less than a year, then the prices are average as compared to your stay for more than a year.

  •  Belgium Work Visa Price for Pakistanis for a single entry is US $100 i.e. 29,167.17 PKR.
  • Belgium Work Visa Price for Pakistanis for multiple entries with a time duration of 1 year is US $150 i.e. 43,750.76 PKR.
  • Belgium Work Visa Price for Pakistanis for multiple entries with a time duration of more than a year is US $200 i.e. 58,334.34 PKR

Air Ticket Price from Pakistan to Belgium

The air ticket prices from Pakistan to Belgium start at 56,002 PKR. This is the cheapest ticket price and you can travel from any airline. There are different airlines in Pakistan that provide cheap and quick flights from Pakistani to Belgium.

How to Apply for a Belgium Work Visa from Pakistan

You need to have wokr permit in order to reisde and wokr in Belgium. But the condition is that the position in which your willing to apply, is not fulfilled by any Belgium National i.e. there is no job-seeking citizen in Belgium for that position. Follwoing are the few steps that complete the application process.

  • The work permit is the basic requirement to work in Belgium. The employer who sponsor the foreign individual apply for a work permit on behalf of its employee to the Belgian Immigration Authorities.
  • After applying the permit application, Belgian immigration authority makes a decision to approve or not. When the application is approved, the authority sends the copy to the Embassy of Belgium in the employees country i.e. Pakistan.
  • The mpoyer then visit the embassy and apply for a resident visa. The employee may visit Belgium once they have their visa and authorization.
  • After that, you need to notify the authorities about your arrival and have to provide your residential address. Then you need to get your ID card and biometrics.

After completing all the steps, you can start working in the company you have applied for.

Belgium Embassy in Pakistan Phone Number and Address

Address:  F-7/2 F 7/2 F-7, House 14 Street 17, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Phone number: 051- 2652636

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