Bosnia Work Visa Price in Pakistan 2023

Bosnia Work Visas are open for Pakistanis. You can apply for a Bosnia work visa by fulfilling all the requirements. The work visa price in Bosnia for Pakistanis is €81which is 26,759.57 PKR. Visa Price is the same for single and multiple entries. Work Visas are accessible to only those foreign applicants who are offered a job from a company in Bosnia. Without a job permit, you cannot apply for a work visa. Your employer who offered you a job will apply for a work permit on your behalf to secure a ticket for you. Well, there are different other types of tickets for which you can use i.e., student, transit, family, temporary residency, and business visas.

Bosnia Work Visa For Pakistan 2023

Work Visas are categorized as Long Stay Visas (D), in which the individuals can stay in the country for 3 -6 months or more than one year. It depends on their reason to stay, job contract, and other work conditions. Work visas also require a temporary residency permit that individuals must provide after landing in the country. You can get all the requirements, visa price, and application process information in this article.

Bosnia Work Visa Price in Pakistan 2023

Title Bosnia Work Visa Price in Pakistan 2023
Visa Type Transit, Short-stay, Long-stay
Vacancies for Work Visa Multiple
Bosnia Work Visa Price €81
Job Type Part-time, Residency
Visa Duration 3-6 Months or 1-5 years (Based on reason of stay)
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Bosnia Work Visa Requirements

There are some basic requirements that all types of visa holders have to provide. Other than those requirements, some other documents work visa holders have to provide. All the documents must be accurate. If any wrong information is provided, the visa will be canceled immediately, and there is no refund. You need to provide the following requirements to apply for a Bosnia Work Visa.

  • Valid Passport of applicants with a validity of 8 months. And a copy of the previous Passport (If you have any).
  • Passport-size Pictures that are recently or not older than three months.
  • A job offer letter from an employer in Bosnia.
  • Information regarding the nature and circumstances of the employee’s job, business specifics, and registration number.
  • National Identity Card (CNIC) of Individual.
  • Health Statement, which proves that an individual is healthy and doesn’t have any contagious disease.
  • Criminal Record, which proves that the applicant is not involved in any crime.
  • Bank Statement to ensure that an individual is financially stable to survive in the country.
  • Application Form that you can get online from the website or the Embassy of Bosnia in your country.

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Bosnia Work Visa Fee in Pakistan 2023

Bosnia and Herzegovina Single Entry Visa fee in EUR. 60/- and Multiple Entry Visa fee in EUR. 60/

Bosnia Visa Types for Pakistanis

Bosnia visa types are divided into three categories, and you can apply in any of these based on your reason for visiting.

  1. Transit Visa (A)
  2. Short-Stay Visa (C)
  3. Long-Stay Visa (D)

Transit Visa

The people who want to land in Bosnia to take another flight can apply for this visa, i.e., they want to transit to another from Bosnia airport. This visa does not allow the individuals to leave the airport.

Short-Stay Visa

This visa is issued to the people who want to visit Bosnia for a 3-month. You can get this visa for tourism, family visits, medical checkups, and business meetings.

Long-Stay Visa

Long-stay visas are issued if the individual wants to live in the country longer. Individuals who wish to stay in Bosnia for six to twelve months can apply for this visa. Following are the purposes for which long-stay tickets will be issued.

  • Work
  • Research Work
  • Study
  • Medical Treatment

You can also extend the visa based on your reason for your stay. Suppose you want to stay in the country for more than a year, and then you need a Temporary Residency Permit. Apply for a permit to wait more than a year.

Bosnia Work Visa Price

Bosnia work visa price for single and multiple entries is the same. But, the price mainly depends on your duration of stayA visa icosts€81, costse. 26,759.57 in PKR. You can pay the visa price at the Embassy of Bosnia in your Country. If you are applying for a work visa, bring all the documents while visiting the embassy to avoid any issues.

Air Ticket Price from Pakistan to Bosnia

The air ticket price from Pakistan to Bosnia starts from £192. Flight prices change every time, so book your flight on time at least three months before your departure.

Application Process

The employer who sponsored the foreign employee has to apply for a work visa application on behalf of its employee. The application process takes time to respond, so apply early. Bosnia’s Council of Ministers has also made Temporary Residency Permits compulsory for individuals staying in a country for more than a year. So, foreign individuals who have been living in a country for more than a year can apply for a Temporary Residency Permit.

Foreign applicants who meet the quota of temporary residency permits can then apply for a work permit with the Country’s Employment Service. The Federal Employment Agency will then decide on the approval or denial of the license. You can apply in a local embassy if your work permit is accepted. Typically, work permits are only valid for up to a year before the holder must reapply.

How to Apply for a Bosnia Work Visa

You must take a few steps to submit a visa application. You can apply for any visa based on your reason for visiting. If you don’t provide all the documents or enter the wrong information, your visa application will be rejected immediately. You need to follow the steps to apply for a visa.

  • First, contact the Bosnian Embassy in your country and then schedule an appointment for a visa application.
  • Download the application form online and fill it out.
  • Pay the fees at any nearest Bosnian Embassy in your country. The payment receipt is necessary. You need to show the ticket with your required documents.
  • If you are applying for a work visa, you must attach the job offer letter and other necessary documents.
  • After providing all the documents and following all the steps, you need to wait for the response. The processing time takes five days to a month.

Embassy of Bosnia in Pakistan Phone number and Address

Address: P2GW+CQR, Street 10, E-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Phone Number: 051-2654020

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