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CSS MPT result 2 October 2023 answer keys are available. Answer keys for CSS MPT Mcqs may be downloaded at Eduhelp.pk by all CSS candidates who participated in the CSS MPT Mcqs examination. As of this date, the CSS MPT screening exam was conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan (FPSC). When it comes to today’s MPT, it’s for the CSS 2023 Annual Competitive Exam. On Sunday, 2nd October, candidates who took the CSS MPT exam will be able to see their results and the answer key right here.


The CSS MPT exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), each of which is worth a single point. Negative marks will not be given out. According to the Central Superior Service exam, this year’s examination will have a 200-minute time limit.

CSS result 2023 expected date

According to details, the Result of CSS MPT MCQs based Preliminary Test 2023 is expected to be announced 20 October 2023.

CSS MPT Result 2 October 2023 Answer Key

The Answers to CSS 2023 Resolve MPT MCQs and CSS 2023 MPT Test Result MCQs may be found here. You should practice this screening exam without their answers. if you are a serious CSS candidate and want to see whether you’re in a position to score at least 50%. You may start the test set by allowing yourself 200 minutes or three hours to complete the task.

FPSC CSS MPT Answer Key 2023

Students will be provided a carbon copy of the answer sheet, and they may verify their answers with the answer key, as stated in the original FPSC announcement. On the same day of the test, the CSS MPT Answer Key will be issued. In keeping with the question paper, the answer key is released.

FPSC Answer Key 2023

Every year, the FPSC conducts a national-level written test. A screening test was added to this year’s federal examination as a result of a new addition. The Preliminary MCQ-Based Exam is the name given by the FPSC to this screening test (MPT). From CSS CE 2023 forward, the MPT is in force. If you take the exam and get a score of more than 50 percent out of a possible 200, you’ve met the MPT’s pass criterion.

Answer Key Of MPT CSS 2023

In Pakistan, what is the MPT exam for CSS? Design of a CSS-based Security Screening Test In the MPT, you’ll answer 200 MCQs for a single point. Negative tags will not be used. The MPT exam will last for 200 minutes. In the year 2023

MPT Result 2023 Check

The Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan (FPSC) held a screening exam, called MPT, for the CSS 2023 Annual Competitive Examination.

FPSC Answer Key

Students will be provided with a carbon copy of the answer sheet and an answer key, per the initial notice from FPSC. On the same day as the exam itself, the CSS MPT Answer Key will be made available. Answer keys for today’s exam will be released in the evening, according to the questions.

MPT Result 2023

On March 7th, 2023, the FPSC will officially declare the CSS MPT 2023 result. There are 200 questions on this year’s CSS Screening Test. Written Competitive Examinations are held every year by the FPSC. A new screening test has been implemented this year as a result of a federal amendment. In accordance with FPSC, this preliminary screening exam is referred to as an MCQ-based test (MPT).

Answer Keys Download

Beginning in CSS CE 2023 and continuing through 2025, MPT will be in effect. Students who want to participate in CSS this year must first pass the MPT.

CSS MPT Passing Marks

To qualify for the Main Written CSS CE 2023, you must pass this test 33 percent, or 66 points out of a possible 200, is required for passing. The exam score will only be used to determine the final merit place for the current year, 2023, and will not be taken into account in calculating the overall score.

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