England Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023

England Work Visa is open for Pakistanis. UK Skilled worker visa certificate of sponsorship for 3 years or less is available with PKR 230123, and for the above 3 years is PK3 454724. England Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023 for temporary is PKR 95363. Furthermore, an overseas domestic worker visa is offered with PKR 195513.

England Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023 Online Apply

Title: England Work Visa Fee
Age Limit: Minimum 19 Years
Vacancies: Multiple
England Air Flight Ticket From Pakistan $1,622
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Jobs Type: Residence/Part Time

UK Work Visa Price in Pakistan

You have come to the right site if you are a Pakistani looking for information on England visa fees. Almost all types of Pakistani visa fees for England can be found here. The England visa cost must be paid along with the visa application form. For various visa classes, the charge for a United Kingdom visa is set. If you submit your visa application straight to the embassy, you can pay the fee in cash. You can use your debit card or your Master Card to pay the United Kingdom visa fee if you are applying for an England visa online.

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England Work Visa Fee for Pakistani

Depending on the kind and length of the visa, different fees apply for Pakistani nationals seeking work visas in the UK. The following are some costs for various work visas: skilled worker: PKR 230123 (sponsorship certificate valid for no more than three years). Overseas domestic worker: PKR 195513 Skilled worker (certificate of sponsorship for over three years): PK3 454724, Temporary work visas: PKR 95363

England work visa for Pakistani requirements 2023

Pakistani nationals may be eligible to apply for various UK work visas depending on their qualifications, talents, job offers, and sponsorship. After completing their studies, Pakistani students have access to post-study employment opportunities.

Skilled worker visa

The most well-known visa for Pakistanis is the skilled worker visa, which enables you to work for an authorized firm in the UK. This visa, which allows you to work on UK waters, replaced the Tier 2 work permit.

You have up to five years to use your visa. When your passport expires, you should request to extend it if you change jobs or your employer changes. If you match the following criteria, you are eligible for this visa:

English language proficiency, employment with a UK employer authorized by the Home Office, a “certificate of sponsorship” from your company outlining the position you have been offered in the UK, and employment in one of the permitted occupations are all requirements.
Receive a minimum wage, which will depend on the task you complete.

Overseas Domestic Worker Visa

Assume you are a domestic worker who has worked for the same private family for at least a year and lives outside the UK. Examples of such workers include cleaners, chauffeurs, cooks, and nannies. Your company can help you apply for this kind of visa. There are further prerequisites for eligibility as well:

You are at least 19 years old, have worked for your employer for at least a year, live in the same home as your employer or one they frequent, intend to travel to the UK with your employer, their partner, or children, plan to work as a full-time domestic worker in the UK and intend to leave the country after six months if you can support yourself there without the aid of the government.

Temporary Work Visa

For a brief time, typically up to 12 months, the applicant can work in the UK with a temporary work visa. Seasonal Workers, government-authorized exchanges, Creative Workers, Religious Workers, Charity Workers, and International Agreement Workers are all types of tickets that fall under this one.

Visit the official government website for additional details on the types of work visas the UK offers.

UK work visa for Pakistani application process Step by Step

If you take the right actions and carefully adhere to the UK government’s instructions, obtaining a work visa for the UK is simple. Typically, the steps entail the following:

  1. Fill out the application and respond in English.
  2. Visa fees can be paid online (in most circumstances).
  3. Please Make a reservation at a visa application center and show up for it.
  4. Pay the health fee.
  5. To expedite processing in Pakistan, have your biometrics (fingerprints and a photo) taken for a biometric residency permit in the UK.
  6. Once your application has been completed and all of your paperwork has been processed, a decision regarding your visa will be made for skilled workers.

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