Germany Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023

German job seeker visa for Pakistanis is open now. Germany Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023 is EUR 80 or PKR 26,468.38. Germany has established several immigration routes recently to entice foreign employees to the nation and alleviate labor shortages. One of these immigration options is the job seeker visa, which enables you to visit the country, look for work, and establish a life there.

Germany Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023 Apply Online

If you are a Pakistani national seeking to apply for this visa, you must first determine whether you are eligible for it and whether it is appropriate for you.

Title Germany Work Visa Fee In Pakistan
Visa Type Work/ Business/ Travel/ Student
Vacancies Multiple
Oman Work Visa Fee EUR 80
Visa Application Fee 26,468.38 PKR
Job Types Residency, Part-time
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Yes, all citizens of Pakistan require a visa to enter Germany. Even if you have a current Schengen visa for Germany, you still need to apply for a job seeker visa if you plan to work there before doing so.

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Recruitments for German Job Seeker Visa for Pakistan?

If you have a Pakistani passport and satisfy the below-mentioned requirements, you may apply for a German job seeker visa.

  • You’ve finished a training or academic program in Germany.
  • You have earned a degree comparable to one from Germany in Pakistan.
  • Must hold a degree that Germany recognizes.
  • You have completed five years of college or work in your field.
  • You must have demonstrated that you have the means to pay for your costs while visiting Germany.
  • You can vouch for your proficiency in German and completing a vocational program.

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What Documents Do I Need to Apply for a German Work Visa from Pakistan?

If you’re applying for a German work visa from Pakistan, you must hold the following documents:

Application for a visa. You must include a completed and signed application form for your job seeker visa application. On this page, you can fill it out online.
Your Passport from Pakistan. Please ensure that your Passport was issued within the last ten years, has two blank pages, and will still be valid six months after the date you depart Germany.
A photocopied passport. Along with the original documents, give a copy of your Passport that is A4 in size.
Picture of passports. The identity photographs must adhere to the German embassy’s or consulate’s requirements. Remember that the embassy determines how many photos are needed; you might be asked to submit up to three.
Pakistani Resident Permit. Non-Pakistani nationals must show a current Pakistani resident permit.
Proof of academic credentials. You must provide documentation of your academic success from a German university or an award comparable to a German degree.

Proof that academic degrees have been recognized. Before requesting a visa, you must confirm that your degree is wholly recognized if it differs from one in Germany. You want to see if your degree is recognized in Germany, you can check the Anabin database here. To have your degree recognized, you might also be asked to submit a declaration of comparability. For more information, please see the German authorities here.

You are showing off your professional experience. Send any supporting papers (a CV, a list of your professional accomplishments, etc.) with your German job seeker visa application.

Resume letter. Include a cover letter outlining your job search strategy, future professional goals, and what you’ll do if your efforts to land a position in Germany are unsuccessful.
Evidence of accommodations. While in Germany, be careful to provide documentation of your temporary housing. You can confirm that you will stay with friends or family in Germany, a hotel reservation or a rental agreement.
Proof of enough financial resources. You must prove that you have the financial means to sustain your stay in Germany while you hunt for work.

Travel insurance documentation. A minimum of EUR 30,000 in travel insurance must be shown as proof.
Civil status records. You must provide proof of your civil status, such as your marriage certificate.

  • Certificate of descent.
  • Certificate of birth.
  • Police report (about a missing passport).

How Do I Apply From Pakistan for a German Work Visa?

In Pakistan, you can apply for a German work visa by following the steps below:

  1. Decide where to submit your application.
  2. Assemble the necessary paperwork.
  3. Please make time to use it by making an appointment.
  4. The cost of a visa is required.
  5. Send your application in.
  6. Await a response.
  7. Go to Germany.

How To Pay the Job Seeker Visa Fee

You must pay the required visa cost on the day of your visa appointment. Check carefully on how to spend your visa fee in advance, as different embassies and consulates in Pakistan accept different ways of payment.

How much is the German Visa Fee for Pakistanis?

According to the exchange rate in July 2023, the cost of a Schengen visa for Germany is 80 euros or 24,000 Pakistani rupees. This is only for adults; for youngsters aged 6 to 12, the charge is only 40 euros, or 12,000 Pakistani rupees at the time of writing.
The charge for a transit visa to Germany is the same as the amount for a travel visa. The cost of a national “D” visa is 75 euros, which is equivalent to about 22,000 Pakistani rupees. The German embassy in Pakistan’s website lists this pricing.

Processing time for German Schengen visas in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a Schengen visa typically takes 15 calendar days to process. It can take months if you receive a late appointment, though. The embassy occasionally needs more time to interview the applicant and obtain further paperwork. In my instance, the application took roughly 20 days from submission to receipt of a visa from the consulate.

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