How to Cast Vote in Pakistan 2022

How to Cast Vote in Pakistan

The Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) has specified what constitutes a valid vote and what factors are disregarded. I went to the polling place to cast my ballot, armed with my voter registration details and electoral data that I obtained by texting my CNIC number to 8300. I walked with my head held high, my pulse racing as I anticipated who would win the elections and knew in my heart that my vote would have a significant impact on the destiny of my nation. We discuss the procedure if you want to know “How to Cast Vote in Pakistan”

How to Check vote online

Please enter your CNIC without Hyphen (-) and spaces on your mobile and send it to 8300, you will get updated voter record. The hues of elections spread over the whole nation. Election slogans, candidate profiles, and posters showcasing their prior accomplishments were all over the streets, often in an unsavoury manner, in an effort to persuade people to vote for them.

How to Cast Vote in Pakistan 2022

How to Cast Vote in Pakistan

A large line of at least 200 individuals ready to cast their ballots greeted me when I arrived. Of course, my first response was the same as anybody in a line for paying bills or stuck in traffic. However, I was extremely pleased that the majority of us had realised our civic duties and chosen to use our right to vote.

The atmosphere was energising. Slogans from numerous parties and candidates were flying everywhere. Although somewhat annoying, it was providing a beautiful backdrop for the voting process. I saw a few groups shouting slogans at each other in a competitive manner. I was a little concerned that they may clash, but I was relieved that nothing bad occurred.

How to check Polling station via sms?

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), in partnership with NADRA, offers an SMS service to the general public to let eligible voters verify the status of their registration. By texting the number 8300 and submitting their CNIC number, the public may get information. In this respect, an automatic answer containing the name of the electoral region, block code, and serial number will be sent.

How to Check Voter Registration online in Pakistan

The final electoral roll is accessible in the district election commissioner’s office, where any registered voter may verify their personal information. On the website of the Election Commission, you may find the addresses or other contact information for the DEC offices in each of the four provinces.

After nearly two hours of waiting, I finally arrived to the voting officer’s station, where he validated my vote number and my CNIC against his list. He used permanent ink to mark my thumb. I was really extremely proud of this mark and had the impression of a young woman attempting to prevent her brand-new coat of nail polish from smudging.

How to know where is my vote?

The Assistant Presiding Officer’s desk then arrived. He handed me the green voting ballot for the National Assembly after filling out the counter foil with my information and stamping it. The second Assistant Presiding Officer, who was seated at the desk next to mine, followed the identical procedure as the first one and handed me the white ballot paper for the Provincial Assembly.

Vote Caste Step by Step Guide

  • Know your constituency
  • Carry your CNIC with you
  • Show CNIC to camp officer outside polling station
  • Crossing name off voters’ list
  • Thumb impression
  • Camp officer signs ballot papers
  • Voting for candidate
  • Drop ballot paper in ballot box
  • Contact polling agent for any queries

There are around 1,2000 candidates running for 270 seats in the national parliament and 570 seats in the provincial assemblies, and up to 105.96 million people will be able to exercise their right to vote.

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I had the feeling of James Bond when I voted covertly behind the screen with my voting ballots in hand. I keep checking behind me to make sure no one is peeking into my booth to reveal my “secret” to the public. I exited the screen after voting for my preferred candidate in both assemblies, holding the vote papers quite close to my chest. I didn’t want them to go!

I positioned my white vote for the Provincial Assembly in the top ballot box and my green ballot for the National Assembly in the top ballot box.

I left the voting place with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart, knowing that I had a little but significant part in determining the future of my beloved nation.

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