How to Check Percentage of Marks in Calculator

If you are a student, you must know how to check the percentage of marks in Calculator because sometimes you really need to check. There is a formula by which you can easily check your percentage simply by dividing your scored marks by the total marks and then multiplying it by 100. Enter all the values in the calculator and then you will be able to know how much you have scored. For a student, calculating the percentage is very essential in every phase of their educational life whether it is for their assignment or their final result.

Percentage to Marks Calculator

University students have to calculate their percentages to find out their GPA, other than that college and school students also have to figure out their percentage to marks calculator and percentages to know how much they have achieved.

How to Check Percentage of Marks

Calculating the percentages requires a formula by which students can easily check their percentages with the help of a calculator. (Marks Obtained/Total Marks) X 100 This is the formula to check the percentage of marks on any test, assignment, or final paper. Here is an example that will help you to understand more clearly how to calculate the percentage.

For Example

Let’s say that I have scored 76 marks out of 100. To find out how much percentage I got, I simply divide 72 by the total marks which is 100. The answer will be 0.72 and then I multiply it by 100 i.e. 0.72 X 100= 72%. This is a simple example that will help you understand how can you calculate your marks to figure out your percentage.

What is the Percentage?

Students must have to know what actually the percentage to understand the purpose of it is. Percentages are used when describing how often something occurs out of 100. The overall outcome of the test result, or performance of the class, or the annual result of the students. Percentages are used in daily life to find out the annual outcome of any result out of the total. And students need it the most in their educational life. The word percentage actually describes the see of fractions of 10 to indicate ratio or number. The word percentage is often expressed by the symbol “percent” and it is also denoted by its short form i.e. “pc” and “pct”.

How to Calculate the Percentage of any Number?

Calculating the percentage is done by two methods using the formula. If the number s given is a fraction, then the students first have to convert it into decimals by dividing it by the total numbers. After that multiplying it by 100 provides them with the percentage.

For Example

The given fraction value is 50 and the total numbers or marks are 100. First divide it with 100, like 50/100= 0.50. Now multiply this decimal value by 100 to figure out the percentage i.e. 0.52 X 100= 50%.

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But if the value is given in decimal numbers then it is easy to check the percentage of marks because, in such conditions, the students just have to multiply their decimal value by 100. Calculating decimal numbers is easier than fractions because, in fractions, students first have to convert the numbers into decimal form and then multiply them to find out the percentage of marks.

 For Example

The decimal value is 0.78, to check the percentage of marks, the students just have to multiply it by 100 i.e. 0.78 X 100= 78%.

Online Percentage Calculator

There are many websites that have online calculators to provide ease to students. Utilizing online calculators is easy because they have provided a very simple way to check the percentage of marks. In the first box, enter the obtained marks and in the other box enter the total marks and tap on the button to figure out the percentage. There are also some online calculators where students can check the percentage of marks in every subject and then also calculate it to find out the total percentage. These online calculators are a great source of convenience for students these days.


Q: What is 25% out of 20?

Ans: 25% is the percentage of the obtained marks out of 20. To find out the obtained marks, first, divide the value by 100 i.e. 25/100= 0.25, and then multiply it by the total marks i.e. 0.25 X 20= 5.

Q: What is the formula to check the percentage?

Ans: The formula to check the percentage of marks is, Obtained marks/ Total marks X 100= Percentage.

Q: Can I calculate any number using the formula?

Ans: You can calculate any number using the divide and multiply formula. Just enter your values in the calculator.

Q: How do you find 80% of 60?

Ans: 80% out of 60 is 48. To find out this, just divide 80 by 100 and then multiply it by 60.

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