Ireland Work Visa From Pakistan Price 2023 Requirements

Ireland work visa from Pakistan Price 2023 is now open. Ireland Work Visa Fee for Single entry is €60 for all first-time applications, and for Multiple entry is €100. Moreover, the transit visa fee is €25. Suppose you want to stay in Ireland for up to 24 months. In that case, you may need to pay €1,000 for General, Critical Skills, Intra-Company Transfer, Contract for Services, Reactivation, Sports and Cultural, and Internship Permit. If you want to stay in Ireland for up to 6 months, you must pay €500 for the permissions as mentioned earlier.

You can get further details about Ireland’s work visa requirements, the application process, air tickets, and much more. So, if you want to apply for an Ireland work visa then read this post till the end.

Ireland Work Visa For Pakistani

Title Ireland Work Visa From Pakistan Price 2023
Visa Type Work/ Tourist/ Student/ Residence/ Transit
Work Visa Types Permanent, Temporary
Vacancies Multiple
Work Visa Fee for Single Entry €60
Transit Visa Fee €25
Air Ticket Price 135 EUROS
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Jobs Type Residence/Part-Time

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Ireland Work Visa Types

Permits come in a variety of forms for those from outside of Europe who want to stay and lawfully work in Ireland. Here are a few that could be relevant.

  • Critical skills employment permit
  • Spouse/partner/dependent permit
  • Reactivation permit
  • Working holiday visa
  • Intra-company transfer permit

Critical Skills Employment Permit

Employees with a job offer or employment contract who wish to work in Ireland in a position paying at least €64,000 annually, or €32,000 annually if the position is in a high-skill occupation in Ireland, may apply for this visa.

Spouse/ Partner/ Dependent Permit

The spouse, dependant (under 18 years old), civil partner, or recognized partner of a person holding a Critical Skills Employment Permit may apply for this Irish working visa.

Reactivation Permit

If an employee quit the program while holding a work visa for Ireland in the past, they can be qualified for reactivation permission. There are a few more qualifications, such as a work offer that is not in a home situation.

Working Holiday Visa

If you’re planning to work while visiting Ireland for up to a year, you can apply for this Irish work permit. They must be citizens of one of the following countries and be between the ages of 18 and 30 in order to qualify: Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or the United States.

Intra-Company Transfer Permit

Employees of international corporations who are visiting an Irish branch are eligible for this visa. The income and tenure of employment of the employee determine eligibility.

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Processing Time & Fee for Ireland Work Visa

The visa application procedure for Ireland should take about 8 weeks. If there are no errors, the visa applications will be processed within 8 to 10 weeks. The visa office may process a business visa in 10 days.

Ireland Visa Price in Pakistan

  • If you want to stay in Ireland for up to 24 months, you will need to pay €1,000 for General, Critical Skills, Intra-Company Transfer, Contract for Services, Reactivation, Sports, and Cultural Permits.
  • If you want to stay in Ireland for up to 6 months, you must pay €500 for the permissions as mentioned above.
  • Your employment permit can be extended from six to three years for €1,500.

Ireland Work Visa Fee From Pakistan

Types of Visa Fee
Single-entry visa €80
Multiple-entry visa €100
Transit visa €25

Ireland Visa Requirements for Pakistani

The exact visa you are applying for will determine some of the criteria for an Irish work visa, however Almost all visas will call for the same materials.

  • Application for an Ireland work visa
  • Ireland work permit
  • Current passport
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Contact information
  • Proof of payment of work visa fees
  • Proof of legal residence in the nation from which you are applying
  • A letter stating that your trip is for employment purposes
  • Proof of your lodging in Ireland; if applicable
  • Information on prior visas (approved and rejected)
  • Information on prior employment history, such as a CV

Application Process for Ireland Work Visa 2023

Please make sure you have correctly filled out the application and provided all necessary supporting paperwork. On the INIS website, a complete list of the various application forms and required paperwork may be obtained.

The length of time it takes to complete a visa application depends on the kind of visa being requested as well as the office receiving the application. Visa applications are reviewed as quickly as possible, but the length of the decision-making process might vary depending on a variety of variables, such as the volume of applications submitted and the resources available to evaluate them all at once.

You Need To

  1. Fill out the online application (many languages are available for assistance).
  2. Compile all of your supporting documents, your passport photo, and your cost.
  3. The online application system will prompt you to send your supporting documents to one of the following locations:
  • Your local Irish consulate or embassy
  • Abu Dhabi, Abuja, Beijing, London, Moscow, New Delhi, and Ankara have special visa offices.
  • Ireland’s Burgh Quay, directly to INIS

Ireland Embassy in Pakistan Contact Number


Honorary Consul of Ireland

House number 91/1,

1st Lower Commercial Street

Phase IV,

Defence Housing Authority

Karachi 75500.

Tel: +92 21 35891181 – 82 – 83

Fax: +92 21 35821184

E-mail: [email protected]

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