KP HRIS Login Portal Online Registration 2023

Welcome to Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS). Please visit HRIS Portal login or KPESED for online registration. Enter USER NAME and password to HRIS Portal login. Now that you’ve registered, you may apply for jobs working either the first or second shifts within the PST time zone online. Be thorough while filling up your online talent pool profile.

KP HRIS Login Portal 2023 Registration Online

KP HRIS Login Portal Online Registration

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Hris Online Registration 2023

If the login attempt has been blocked. Please wait 10 seconds to sign in again.

Hris kpese login

Finally, you get to pick the college that best suits you. Please exercise extreme caution throughout; it will be exceedingly challenging to undo any mistakes you make at this stage.

kpese-hris login method How to fill HRIS online

اگر ملازم کا شناختی نمبر سسٹم میں نہیں ملا تو براہ کرم ڈی ای او آفس سے رابطہ کریں

  1. Visit Human Resource Management Information System Login page; 175.107 63.148 9090 apex r emis human resource information system (hris login)
  2. Enter Username
  3. Enter CNIC #
Sr.# Title Action
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Hris kpk Online Registration

HRMIS teacher login has been started now. Schools in the KPESE system, including elementary, middle, and high schools, will now operate on a double-shift schedule beginning in the 2023  school year. Creating second-shift teaching positions through KPESE is a positive move on the part of the Government of KPK.

HRMIS teacher Login kpk

If you meet the requirements, you must apply via the talent portal online. For 2nd shift positions, you must register for a talent pool account and apply online. There are a total of 1185 schools on the double-shift program’s authorised list, including those that were nominated for a second shift.

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