Kuwait Work Visa Price for Pakistani 2023 Apply Online

Kuwait work visas are open for Pakistanis. You will learn every detail about Kuwait Work Visa Price for Pakistani 2023. Kuwait is one of those countries establishing itself as a desirable location for overseas employees seeking excellent employment prospects. In the past, work visas or family visas for Pakistanis were banned. But now Pakistanis can apply for work visas in Kuwait. The work visa price from Pakistan to Kuwait is 42,854.37 PKR. You are permitted a three-month stay in the country.

There are chances for those Pakistani workers who are seeking a chance to show their work ethics, expertise, and talent by applying for work visas. You can get all the information about work visa prices in 2023, requirements, and the application process. There are other types of visas like family visas, travel visas, student visas, eVisa, and temporary residency visas.

Kuwait Work Visa Price for Pakistani 2023

Title Kuwait Work Visa Price for Pakistani 2023
Visa Type Work Visa
Vacancies Multiple
Stay Duration 3 Months
Validity of Single Entry 6 Months
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Kuwait Visa Requirements for Pakistanis

The applicants seeking a work visa for Kuwait must attach essential documents with their correctly completed visa application form. The Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs must sign and issue the application form. The work visa is also called an employment visa, which is compulsory for foreign employees who want to work in Kuwait. You need to provide the following documents correctly in printed form to secure your visa.

  1. Valid Passport with at least two years remaining before expiration
  2. Passport size picture, Family Registration certificate (NADRA)
  3. Health Certificate: AIDs test and a complete health certificate from a doctor in Pakistan confirming patients’ good health and absence of any transmissible disease.
  4. Criminal record: The applicant must not involved in any crime
  5. Employment Authorization

Pakistanis can secure their work visa in Kuwait if they provide all the necessary documents with the correct information. In the past years i.e. 2020, 21. Pakistanis were not allowed to apply for any visa, especially work and family visas for Kuwait. But now, the visas are open and more straightforward to secure than in the past.

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Kuwaiti Visa Types

Work Visa is an official document that enables foreign employees to enter the country and work there. This visa type offers Pakistani people a way to look into career opportunities. The Kuwaiti government issues this visa, which is offered to those offered a job opportunity in Kuwait. Such people need necessary permits to work and reside in Kuwait. If you need to obtain a work visa quickly, you must require a job offer, sponsorship from an employer in Kuwait, and completion of paperwork from the Kuwaiti Government.

The applicants will receive a “No Objection Certificate (NOC)” to help them enter the country after applying. The employees will receive a resident visa. After 30 days of resident visa, employees will apply for their Kuwait Civil ID application. Besides the Work visa, the Kuwaiti government also issues Family visas, Travel Visa, eVisa, Student Visa, Temporary Residential Visa, and Professional Visa.

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Applicants can apply for these visas by providing all the required documents. And the validity of their stay in the country is fixed. Only eVisas will allow the applicants to stay more than 3 months. Moreover, the applicants cannot transfer their travel visa into a work visa. You must leave the country and apply for a work visa with an employer’s sponsorship. And then return to the country with new status.

Kuwait Visa Fee for Pakistanis

The work visa price from Pakistan to Kuwait for a single-person entry is 42,854.37 PKR. A work visa may require the documentation and work permit of the applicant. The application fee that the Kuwaiti government charges is 10 KD. The stay duration of Pakistanis or any other foreigner in Kuwait is three months. Moreover, the prices of your visas depend on how long you stay in the country. If you are on a travel visa and you are offered a job from a private company. Then, you must leave the country and enter again with a new status after applying for a work visa.

Air Ticket Prices from Pakistan to Kuwait

The air ticket prices from Pakistan to Kuwait start at 149,482. Etihad and Pakistan Airlines provide the Cheapest flights from Pakistan to Kuwait. You can easily select the arrival and departure destination and your class category.

Visa Application Process of Kuwait

You must know about the application process if you are applying for a work visa from Pakistan to Kuwait. Candidates can apply only if they fulfill the terms and conditions of the Kuwaiti Government. The Kuwait Government has set rules and regulations for foreign employees. To apply for a work visa, you must keep in mind the following.

  • The candidates must have an employment offer to apply for a work visa. Usually, the employers start the application process and then guide the applicant.
  • The applicants must have a written employment agreement that specifies the terms and circumstances of work, including pay, job responsibilities, the duration of the job, and other perks.
  • A medical exam that makes sure that the applicant is physically capable of working and residing in the country. The procedure depends on the outcomes of a medical exam.
  • Pakistanis must also acquire a safety clearance from the appropriate authorities before traveling to Kuwait.

How to Apply for a Visa in Kuwait

You can apply for a visa by following the steps below.

  1. You can apply for a work permit when the company sends your personal information, an NOC, and other documentation to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. Then the employer will transfer the NOC to the employee.
  2. After receiving the documents, you must perform a medical exam at a clinic approved by the Kuwaiti Consulate.
  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs then sends the work permit to the Kuwaiti Embassy. The candidates also must have a copy of the permit.
  4. When your documents are submitted to the Kuwaiti embassy, you will be issued the visa if everything is correct and fine.

Kuwait Embassy in Pakistan Address and Phone Number

Address of Embassy: P4JJ+2PP, Islamabad, Ramna 4 Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad Capital Territory

Official Phone Number: (051) 2603615

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