Lithuania Jobs for Pakistani Work Visa 2023 Online Apply

Lithuania Jobs for Pakistani Work Visa 2023 Online application has been started now. Check the complete guide, eligibility and requirements. A work visa lets you stay in Lithuania for a long time if you have a job lined up. If a Lithuanian firm has expressed interest in hiring you, they often have to apply for a work visa on your behalf. You can start working in Lithuania from your native country after you acquire a work visa. Knowing who needs a work visa in Lithuania first and what kinds of work visas are offered is essential because the requirements can change based on the work you’ll be doing.

Jobs In Lithuania With Visa Sponsorship

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Lithuania Jobs for Pakistani Work Visa 2023

Title: Lithuania Jobs for Pakistani Work Visa
Age Limit: Minimum 22 Years
Vacancies: Multiple
Get Visa: Click Here to Apply Online
Jobs Type: Residence/Part Time

Lithuania Work Visa for Pakistan

You must submit your application through MIGRIS (the Lithuanian Migration Information System) to acquire a temporary residence permit if you are eligible for an EU Blue Card, which is typically valid for two years. Additionally, to ensure that your employment satisfies the Labor Division’s criteria, your employer could be required to apply to the territorial division of the Employment Service.

Lithuania Work Permit Types

  • High-skilled worker work visa (EU Blue Card)
  • A work visa for transfers within a corporation.
  • For working in Lithuania, a work permit.
  • Temporary employment permit.

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Criteria for EU Blue Card Eligibility

  1. You must have a higher education degree.
  2. You have at least five years of work experience, which is as good as a college degree.
  3. Your employer in Lithuania needs to hire you because of your qualifications.
  4. At least 1.5 times the Lithuanian monthly average wage will be paid to you.

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How to Apply Online?

  1. Get the employment permit. The Lithuanian Labor Exchange issues the work authorization. You must provide several documentation to your employer before they may submit an application on your behalf to the Employment Services in Lithuania for a permit. Depending on the type of work visa, this step might not be necessary; your employer and the migration department will inform you of this.
  2. Find the closest embassy or consulate of Lithuania. At the nearest embassy or consulate of your nation, you must apply for a work visa before applying for a temporary residence permit.
  3. Fill out the national visa application form. The type of visa you are seeking for must be specified on the form, which is accessible online at the Migration Department website.
  4. Collect all necessary paperwork. Documents like a passport, a photo, current health insurance, etc. are required.
  5. Show up for the appointment. Whenever you visit the embassy or consulate, present the documentation.
    Await a response. The average processing time is fourteen days.

Lithuania Work Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Lithuanian work visa is typically two weeks. However, you can begin the application procedure up to six months before your scheduled travel to Lithuania. If you submit your application for a work visa to Lithuania early, you will get an answer more quickly.

Lithuania Work Visa Fees 2023

Likewise to other long-stay visas, the fee of the work visa is €120. You are advised to pay the visa fee at the Lithuanian embassy or consulate even though the visa application is submitted online. After doing so, you will be given a document proving that you have paid the visa fee. You must include this document with your visa application.

Lithuania Work Visa Rejection Rate

Lithuania received 25,556 visa requests, and most of them were granted. Only 7.8% of it was rejected. Choose: National parks covered in trees, rich with wildlife, and offering a sense of Jewish culture and history. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vilnius, the country’s capital, is home to an abundance of Baroque buildings.

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