Luxembourg Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2023

Luxembourg work visa is now open for Pakistanis. Luxembourg work visa price in Pakistan 2023 is 80 EUR. The price for a visa Required for 14-28 Days is 60€. In order to obtain a Luxembourgish Residence permit, it is necessary to remit a fee of 80 EUR. However, the payment method may vary depending on individual circumstances, as the Luxembourgish authorities offer the option to pay online, in person at a visa application center in Pakistan, or via bank transfer.

Luxembourg Jobs For Pakistani

For each foreign employee, all businesses entering the Luxembourg market must obtain work permits. Further, a legitimate passport or travel document and temporary authorization to remain are required. The “D” visa, once obtained by an employee, is valid for a period ranging from 90 days to one year. Additionally, a fee of 50 EUR must be paid by employees to acquire the visa.

Luxembourg Work Visa For Pakistan

Title Luxembourg work visa price in Pakistan 2023
Visa Type Work/ Tourist/ Student/ Residence/ Transit
Work Visa Types Permanent, Temporary
Vacancies Multiple
Work Visa Fee 80 EUR
Tourist Visa Fee(14-28 days) 60€
D Visa Fee (90 days) 50 EUR
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Jobs Type Residence/Part-Time

Luxembourg Work Visa for Pakistani

Interested candidates can check the requirements to obtain Luxembourg Work Visas. Two recent and identical photos proving identity must be attached to the application form.

Luxembourg Work Visa Type

Citizens of the European Union (EU), and inhabitants of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland do not require work authorization in order to live or work in Luxembourg. Third-country nationals from outside the EU, however, are required to get work and residency permission in order to work legally for your company in Luxembourg. The various work permits available in Luxembourg include:

  • C Type Visa
  • D Type Visa
  • EU Blue Card

Luxembourg C Type Visa

An individual with a short-term visa is permitted to stay in the Schengen region for either a continuous period of 90 days or for a total of 90 days spread over a 180-day period. Typically, this visa is used for family visits, conferences, meetings, and business travel.

Luxembourg D Type Visa

This visa is intended for visitors from outside Luxembourg who want to stay for a period of time greater than three months in order to work, study, or live there permanently. The majority of paid employees, independent contractors, highly qualified personnel, students, and au pairs use it.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is available to foreign nationals who wish to work for longer than three months in Luxembourg as highly skilled workers. This specific visa type has distinct benefits and certain criteria.

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Luxembourg Work Visa Processing Time & Price

A Luxembourg visa takes 15 days to complete. The processing period begins when you provide your documents to the Luxembourg embassy or consulate. It might be prolonged from 15 to 60 days, though. The following are some of the variables that affect processing time:

  • Your unique situation.
  • When you apply (during the summer or during the vacations).
  • If there are several candidates.
  • If any of the necessary paperwork is lacking, etc..

Luxembourg Visa for Pakistani Price

  • Individuals 12 years of age and older must remit a processing fee of €80.
  • Those who fall within the age range of 6 to 11 must include a visa fee of €40 with their application.
  • Minors who are under the age of 6 are exempt from any fees.
  • The standard fee for applying for a Luxembourg Schengen visa is 80 EUR.

Air Ticket Price For Luxembourg From Pakistan

There are the following Flight prices from Pakistan.

Trip Price
Cheapest One-way Trip $203
Cheapest Round-Trip $497
Average Round Trip $626

Luxembourg Visa Requirements

Depending on the purpose for entrance, such as work, education, and personal circumstances, the application process varies; nonetheless, all candidates must personally present their papers to the Luxembourg diplomatic or consular mission in their country of residence or inside the Schengen region. Among the prerequisites are:

  • Two recent images establishing identification are the exact same.
  • A valid ID such as a passport or visa
  • Temporary permission to remain
  • The cover letter serves as a sort of introduction to the embassy.
  • A document demonstrating that you have a place to stay in Luxembourg is known as accommodation proof.
  • After the visa expires, provide documentation proving that you have booked a return trip from your native country.

Application Process for Luxembourg Work Visa

The application procedure varies based on why your employee needs a working visa for Luxembourg. As the employer, you’ll probably need to assist with the application; otherwise, if the employee grants you power of attorney, you can submit the application in their place.

Applying for a temporary stay permit through the Immigration Directorate is the first step in getting a work visa. Before departing their native nation, employees should do this. After arriving in Luxembourg, individuals can finish applying for the D visa after receiving a temporary visa.

Applying for a visa to Luxembourg involves the following steps:

  1. Schedule a Meeting at the Luxembourg Embassy
  2. The visa application form must be completed.
  3. Apply at the Embassy and pay the required fee
  4. Await a response

Luxembourg Embassy Pakistan Contact Info


Other than personal emails from staff members, the Embassy’s sole official email accounts are those listed below. The validity of emails sent from other addresses is not guaranteed by the Embassy.


  • +92 51 265 41 01
  • +92 51 265 41 02
  • +92 51 265 41 03
  • +92 51 265 41 04

Fax: +92 51 265 41 05

Emergency number: +92 300 855 02 27


House 14, Street 17
F7/2 Islamabad
P.O. Box 1016

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