NTS PST Test Result 2013 Merit List PDF

NTS PST Test Result 2013 Merit List has been announced. Merit List for NTS PST 2013 Exam | PST Test Result 2013 Sindh via NTS The NTS PST Recruitment Test 2013 results are available here. Primary School Teachers Recruitment Test 2013 was administered by NTS under the auspices of Sindh’s Reform Support Unit – the Department of Education and Literacy. Nts pst final merit list 2013 Sindh download. PST Offer Letters download now. Directorate General (M&E) School Education & Literacy Department, Govt. of Sindh. List of Candidates for Deposit Slip. The delegation of NTS pass candidates (Petitioners & Non-Petitioners met Secretary School Education & Literacy Department Mr. Ghulam Akbar Laghari today.

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Click here to download JEST result in pdf for all Sindh districts.

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There is a comment box at the bottom of this page for students who have questions about the PST exam results 2013. NTS 2013 pst result. For more results feel free to comment down.

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2013 offer order to NTS teachers who have been waiting for 9 years

NTS Result by cnic 2013

NTS JST Result 2013 Merit List download now. Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education KPK, NTSSST and PST Result 2023 Check the online answer key and final merit list from this site. You can check and download nts jst test result 2013 merit list here. NTS JST test result 2013 merit list pdf download

NTS PST Test Result 2013 Merit List

The NTS PST Test 2013 results are due on January 31st, 2013. An estimated 20,000 people have applied for the position of an elementary school teacher and will be taking the PST recruiting test. In January 2013, this PST check was performed.

NTS PST Test Result 2013 Sindh pdf

Sindh Reform Support Unit of the National Testing Service (NTS) will administer the PST test for the purpose of recruiting new employees. On Saturday and Sunday, January 19th and 20th, NTS PTS will be conducting surveys across Sindh province. A total of 20,000 students have applied for these positions, according to online news outlets.

NTS PST Test Result 2013 Merit List pdf Download


PST JST NTS 2013 Pass Candidate

Thank you to everyone who participated in our forum and especially to those who came out in favor of the NTS Exam Sindh PST Unit NTS reforms. The results will be posted on the official website on the Internet very soon.

How NTS make a merit list?

Candidates that score at least 50% on their NTS examinations are included in NTS’s merit lists. Candidates that score at least 50% on their exams are eligible to go on to the next step in the hiring process.

NTS PST final merit list 2013 Sindh

As part of the PST administered by the Sindh Reform Support Unit, he was imprisoned in Sindh from January 19 to January 22, 2013. The result of NTS PST Test 2013 is expected on 31st January 2013 available here.

What are passing marks in NTS?

To pass these exams, pupils must have a score of at least 50 percent. After seven days, students may expect to get their test results. A link to the official NTS website is provided here to corroborate the PST results of Sindh’s Investigation Unit in January 2013.

NTS Sindh Reform Support Unit PST 2013 Results may be downloaded here.

Reform Support Unit NTS PST Unit Results. Nts Pst Result 2014 Sindh will be available here.

The NTS PST Unit Results Have Been Announced.

Testing for the position of PST at the Department of Education and Literacy’s Reform Support Unit, Government of Sindh, will take place on Saturday, January 19, Sunday, January 20, Monday, January 21, and Tuesday, January 22, according to the National Testing Service (NTS). A meeting was convened.

NTS PST merit list UC wise 2013 Sindh

Results of the 2013 NTS PST Recruitment Test may be seen here. The PST (Primary School Teacher) Recruitment Test 2013 was administered by the NTS under the auspices of the Sindh Government’s Reform Support Unit for Education and Literacy. On the 31st of January 2013, the results of the NTS PST Test 2013 are anticipated. Approximately 20,000 people are expected to take the PST exam and apply for primary school teaching positions. In January 2013, these PST tests were administered.

All Regional Directors have received instructions on how to conduct district recruitment committee meetings in accordance with approved policy.  The veracity of documents of candidates who are eligible for appointment to need-based vacancy positions for teacher recruitment and document verification (HSTs, JSTs, and PSTs).

NTS Result by CNIC

The NTS has also given the directors the required information (Need-based vacant positions and HST results) in order to accelerate the procedure. TO Check the result just follow the given link below.

NTS PST Test Result 2013, Recruitment Test Result & Merit List

We’ll make an announcement about the 2013 PST Test results on this website when they’re released. In order to keep you updated on the PST Test Result 2013, please remain with us and keep coming back to our site.

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