PEC Registration Online Check 2023

Check PEC Registration Online Check 2023. You can apply for PEC registration if you’re an engineering graduate from a public or private university. This means you can join the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). PEC provides a way for professional engineers to register online from time to time. Many engineers from Pakistan are already registered with PEC. If you’ve graduated from a university accredited by HEC in engineering, you can also get an affiliate card.

PEC Registration Online Check 2023 by CNIC

If you want to verify your PEC registration using your CNIC or need your PEC registration number, you can do so easily. You can also log in to your PEC account. Additionally, if you’re looking to renew your PEC registration or verify the registration of your engineering firm, PEC has an online process for that too.

Check Pakistan Engineering Council Engineer Verification

You can also find a list of engineers who are registered with PEC, as well as verify a firm by its name.

How to Check PEC Registration 2023 by PEC Login?

The Engineer Department at the Pakistan Engineering Council handles checking and registering engineers’ information. Engineer verification is the first step in PEC verification. Engineers with a valid PEC number can confirm their details through the portal.

  • Choose an engineering discipline (like Civil).
  • Enter the PEC Registration Number if you have it.
  • Type the CAPTCHA code shown in the image. If it’s hard to read, you can get a new code or even have it read aloud.
  • Click “Verify” to check if the engineer is registered.

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PECC Registration 2023 Portal Sign Up

Follow these steps to create an account for PEC Login:

  • Search for on Google
  • Click on the Create Account (Sign Up)
  • Fill in your Name.
  • Enter your Phone Number.
  • Provide your father/Spouse’s Name.
  • Input your CNIC Number.
  • PEC may send you transactional/informative Emails from nor[email protected]. Please enter your Email Address and confirm it.
  • Choose a Password and confirm it.

PEC Registration 2023 Online Procedure

  1. When you give the filled PEC 1-B form to the PEC office, they check it. Two things can happen:
  2. If the form is correct and there are no mistakes, it goes to the PE Registration Department for approval. Then, it goes to the PE Enrollment Committee.
  3. If there are mistakes, they give the form back to you to fix.
  4. Once the Enrollment Committee says yes, they put the engineer’s info on a computer. Then, they give the Registration Certificate to the engineer.
  5. The certificate is good for 3 years. They also give you a Renewal Card. You use this card to renew the certificate after 3 years.
  6. If you’re not from Pakistan, you need a temporary license from PEC before you start a project. It costs Rs 1000 and lasts for 1 year. You have to renew it every year.
  7. If you want more details, go to the PEC website and read the rules (Byelaws clauses XII, XIII, and XIV).

PEC Account Information

If you’re an Engineer, Consultant, or Constructor/Operator, you can pay the PEC Registration/Renewal fee for your Certificates/Licenses in one of these two PEC online bank accounts:

Bank Account Number Branch Code IBAN Number
MCB 0685 5830 4100 5497 0069 PK08 MUCB 0685 5830 4100 5497
HBL 0042 7901 5786 03 0602 0000 4279 0157 8603

You can get a special Challan form for PEC-Fee from MCB or HBL. You can use the regular bank deposit slip and provide the necessary details if you can’t find one.

Note: When making an online payment, please include the original acknowledgment receipt and your accompanying documents. Please note that Cashier Cheques or Banker Cheques will not be considered valid forms of payment.

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