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Welcome to Engineers Registration Portal Pakistan Engineering Council. Please visit and Create Online Account Sign Up. For new registration. If you have already registered with PEC but have not used online portal. Use Your CNIC or Phone or Email to login. The Professional Engineers Registration Program (PEC) is now accepting new members. Graduates of both public and private institutions of higher learning in engineering are eligible to apply for PEC registration.

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They may join the Engineering Council of Pakistan. Professional engineers may sometimes register for PEC events online. The Pakistan Engineering Council has the credentials of many engineers in the country. Students who have graduated from an engineering program approved by the HEC are eligible to apply for an affiliation card.

PEC Registration Portal 2023

PEC Registration Portal Login

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Those who have previously been licenced in PEC engineering may do so today by renewing their registration. Learn all there is to know about the PEC registration site in 2023. The PEC registration site is where prospective members must declare their allegiance. Go to to register with the PEC.

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Engineering education in Pakistan is governed solely by PEC. Please ensure that a high-quality technical education is being provided, it maintains ties to academic institutions of higher learning in the engineering sector. To become a PEC, one needs both a degree in engineering and five years of relevant work experience. To do this, they will only need to pay the registration price once.

How much does PEC registration cost?

The cost of a new PEC registration in the C6 category is 15,000 Indian rupees. An applicant requesting for C6 renewal will additionally pay 15000 bank challan each year.

What documents are required for PEC registration?

Upload scans of your signature, CNIC, fee voucher, and photos taken against a blue backdrop so we can see them. The certificate of registration with the PEC will have the same photos.

How do I register my construction company with PEC?

  1. This is the application.
  2. All directors’, partners’, and shareholders’ CNIC copies.
  3. The first payment voucher for the fees.
  4. A current or previous year’s bank statement, as well as an Audited Financial Statement attested to by a Chartered Accountant.
  5. Certificate of NTN copy.
  6. The business’s organisational chart, approved by the CEO, and a list of the construction equipment and machinery the company owns, if any.
  7. Copy of partnership deed and FORM C, if the business is a partnership, OR notarized certificate of sole proprietorship, if the business is a sole proprietorship.
  8. Incorporation Paperwork
  9. CEO/director/partner guarantee on a PKR 100 stamp paper from all parties

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Both the new registration and the renewal for PEC are distinct. Engineers in Pakistan must pay an annual membership fee to the Pakistan Engineering Council. A PEC licence is available to licenced engineers for a nominal charge. The initial registration cost for the PEC is 1000 RS. Each year, every engineer must pay in two hundred Indian rupees. After the sixth month of the license’s expiration, the renewal charge is 500 Indian rupees.

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PEC has also been assisting the government in conducting technical investigations and making recommendations for corrective action on the mentioned topics. The Pakistan Engineering Council has grown into a powerful organisation that represents engineers throughout the nation. It serves as a vital link between the public sector, business, and academic institutions. PEC has a small secretariat in Islamabad and regional offices in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit, and the Baltistan Region.

The registration of candidates is decided by the enrollment committee of the Pakistan Engineering Council. The official PEC registration form may be found on the internet. To get a certificate, you must complete the PEC registration process twice. Those with a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Engineering may study for their engineering credentials online. When applying to renew a PEC, you must use a unique application form. Yet both formats are provided for your convenience.

PEC Registration Renewal Online

It is mandated by law to protect its members’ interests while also registering engineers, consulting engineers, constructors/operators, and accrediting engineering programmes at universities/institutions. Other duties include serving as a think tank for the federal government and setting standards for engineering products and services.

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The Admissions Board/Panel of Judges will evaluate your qualifications. A dispensation from the need of an interview may be granted if the panel determines that the applicant has shown commendable/acceptable professional work based on the examination of the supplied document. The appropriate communication will be made with you. If an interview is necessary, the Enrollment Committee or a panel of experts will schedule one and contact you to schedule an appointment.

PEC Number Online Registration Card

After a year has passed, engineers must renew their registration number. The engineer must reapply for their job if they want to continue working in the same sector. In order to apply for a professional number or registration card, one must have worked in the field for at least five years. In this piece, I’ll describe how to apply for a PEC number online, including any associated costs.

Is domicile necessary for PEC registration?

Applying to become a PEC may be done entirely digitally, with just digital scans of original papers required. To finish your registration, you’ll need the following items: RESIDENCE. CNIC.

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