PM Fee Reimbursement Scheme 2023 Online Registration

PM Fee Reimbursement Scheme 2023 Online Registration has been started now through HEC. Please visit http // for online registration. Check Prime minister fee reimbursement scheme universities list here. PM Fee Reimbursement Scheme has been introduced to help the poor students of public sector institutions and colleges. To encourage students from less developed regions to pursue higher education, the Prime Minister’s fee reimbursement program 2023 will cover their tuition expenses paid directly to colleges.

HEC Fee Refund Policy 2023

Newly accepted students from less developed regions are strongly encouraged to sign up for this program, and the steps necessary to do so are outlined on this page. Deserving students may now pay their tuition in full at the time of their acceptance by paying it straight to the colleges. For more than 100,000 worthy students from underdeveloped regions, the Higher Education Commission plans to reimburse their tuition fees through the PM Fee Reimbursement Scheme (HEC). In this plan, Pakistan’s government has allocated $5 billion.

PM Fee Reimbursement Scheme 2023 Online Registration

Students in Pakistan’s less-developed regions are eligible for this programme, which is based only on merit and transparency. In order to improve education and alleviate socioeconomic issues in particular regions, the Scheme is being implemented by the government. It is the goal of this plan to help students who have dropped out of school because of the high costs of attending a four-year university get back on track.

HEC fee-refund Policy Notification

HEC fee-refund policy notification

In order to help those students who are enrolled in higher education programmes in less developed regions, the PM reimbursement system has been established as a programme. For individuals who want to apply for this grant online from the comfort of their own homes, you’ve come to the correct location.

All Pakistan District Less Developed Areas Pm reimbursement scheme

All students from Balochistan, Gilgit/Baltistan, FATA, Interior Sindh, South Punjab, Malakand, Kohistan, and D.I. Khan areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who are enrolled in Master’s, M.Phil., and PhD programmes in Pakistan’s Public Sector Universities will be reimbursed for their tuition fees by the Federal Government.

Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, FATA, Sindh, Multan, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, Malakand and Dera Ismail Khan are covered in the project. Students with valid domicile/local certificates from these regions are eligible for the programme.


  1. In less developed parts of Pakistan, students enrolled in HEC-recognized institutions for (Master’s/M.Phil/ Ph.D. programmes) may use this service.
  2. Students who enrol at one of the institutions in these less developed regions will be eligible to receive the funding.
  3. The most crucial aspect of this grant is that it is primarily intended to cover the cost of college tuition for students.
  4. Registration expenses, new admissions (admission fees), and examination fees are likely to be included in this award. Payment to the lab In this award, library expenses are also specified.
  5. As far as the grant is concerned, these occurrences aren’t reported or considered (transport fee, Endowment Fund, hostel fee, Sports fee, Any Refundable due, Equipment Fee and Health Fee).
  6. Students who are not enrolled in higher education institutions that focus on that field of study.
  7. Those understudies who register after the deadline of April 15, 2023, shall not be accepted. After the last date, there is no respite.
  8. In such less developed locations, students who are interested in living there.

There is a step-by-step guide to this plan on this website. When a student is admitted to a university, he or she is required to pay a tuition fee. Nearly (108,035) students are presently benefiting from the HEC-recognized less developed colleges under this programme. Pakistan’s government has set up a minimum of 5 million rupees for undergrads to benefit from this programme.

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