PMA Long Course 151 Roll Number Slip 2023 Download

PMA Long Course 151 Registration Slip Roll Number Slip download by CNIC and Name from this page. Please visit www.joinpakarmy and Enter your CNIC number (61101-1234524-1). Preliminary Initial test Date Test Date is 11 November, 2023 to 11 January, 2023. List of eligible and rejected candidates view online or download here. Candidates who have Successfull in the Physical test will be called for interview at AS&RC. Remember that only shortlisted candidates will appear for the ISSB test after the interview. Candidates who want to as a Commissioned officer through PMA Long Course 151, are able to check ISSB Initial Test date, syllabus, past papers pdf, sample paper and complete selection procedure.

PMA Long Course 151 test Date 2023

پی ایم اے لانگ کورس 151 رجسٹریشن سلپ یا رول نمبر سلپ شناختی کارڈ نمبر اور نام کے ذریعے اس صفحہ سے ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں۔ ابتدائی امتحان کیتاریخ 11 نومبر 2023 سے 11 جنوری 2023 تک ہے۔ٹیسٹ کے لیے اہل اور مسترد شدہ امیدواروں کی فہرست آن لائن دیکھیں یا یہاں سے ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں۔ فزیکل ٹیسٹ میں کامیاب ہونے والے امیدواروں کو انٹرویو کے لیے بلایا جائے گا۔ یاد رکھیں کہ انٹرویو کے بعد صرف شارٹ لسٹ شدہ امیدوار ہی آئی ایس ایس بی ٹیسٹ کے لیے حاضر ہوں گے۔ کسی بھی قسم کی راہنمائی کے لیے آپ ہمیں کمنٹ کر سکتے ہیں۔

Organization: Pakistan Army
Gender: Male
Course Offered: PMA 151 Long Course
Course Duration: 2 Years
Application Start Date: 03 October 2023
Application End Date: 06 November 2023
Date Test Date: 11 November, 2023 to 11 January, 2023
Roll Number Slip: Download

PMA Long Course 151 Roll Number Slip Download

PMA Long Course 151 Roll Number Slip

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PMA Long Course 151 Test Schedule And Selection Criteria

(1) Physical Test

Run 1.6 Km in 8 Minutes 3 Marks
Pull Ups 3 Repetitions in 2 Minutes 2 Marks
Push Ups 15 Repetitions in 2 Minutes 2 Marks
Crunches 20 Repetitions in 2 Minutes 2 Marks
Ditch Crossing 7.4 Feet 1 Mark

(2) Written/ Intelligence

  • Verbal Test
  • Nonverbal Test
  • General Knowledge

(3) Medical Examination

  • Initial Medical Checkups
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol Level
  • Eyesight
  • Blood Pressure

(4) Interview by National Security and War Course (NSWC) Brigadier

  • Confidence and Expression
  • Knowledge about Current Affairs
  • Knowledge about Geo and Pakistan Studies
  • Overall Outlook
  • Extracurricular activities including Sports and Hobbies
  • Any other aspect as assumed suitable by the Panel

The initial analysis consists of a mix of verbal, nonverbal, and general knowledge questions. Your next step, should you pass the test, will be a thorough physical.

PMA Long Course 151 Registration Slip 2023

The ISSB is a 5-day long exam that evaluates a candidate’s mental and physical toughness. It’s the last step before those who have passed the medical tests are officially selected. Each candidate must receives points out of 20 points.

The final applicant is selected based on their performance and quality at General Headquarters (GHQ). After 5 days, selected candidates will be informed by email.

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