Primehr Salary Slip Download | A Guide for Employees

Primehr Salary Slip Download by CNIC and name from this page. To download Your Primehr Salary Slip, we share a guide for Employees. Gone are the days of rummaging through paper files for your salary slip. With Primehr’s online platform, accessing your pay details is just a few clicks away. This guide will walk you through a simple process of downloading your Primehr salary slip, ensuring you keep your finances organized and readily available.

  • Ensure you have your company-provided login credentials: An email address and password. Contact your HR department for assistance if you have yet to receive these.
  • Choose a compatible device: You can access the Primehr portal from any computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection.

Primehr Salary Slip Download by CNIC

Steps to Downloading Your Salary Slip:

  1. Navigate to the Primehr Employee Login. There are two options:
  • Directly access the HRMS portal: Use the link your HR department or company intranet provides.
  • Visit the Primehr website: Go to and click “Employee Login” in the top right corner.
  1. Enter your login credentials: Carefully type your username, email address, and password, then click “Login.”
  2. Locate the “Payslip” section: This menu option might be named slightly differently depending on your company’s configuration. Look for areas like “Payroll,” “Payments,” or “My Income.”
  3. Select the desired pay period: A calendar or list of available pay dates will appear. Choose the month and year corresponding to the salary slip you want to download.
  4. Download and save: Click the “Download” button next to your chosen pay period. The file will typically be saved as a PDF document. Choose a convenient location on your device to store the file.


  • You can download multiple salary slips by selecting them all before clicking “Download.”
  • Primehr recommends using Adobe Acrobat Reader or another compatible PDF viewer to open your downloaded salary slips.
  • If you need help accessing your salary slip or need to remember your login credentials, contact your HR department for assistance.

Benefits of Downloading Your Primehr Salary Slip:

  • Convenience: Easily access your salary details anytime, anywhere, without relying on paper copies.
  • Organization: Maintain a digital record of past pay slips for future reference, simplifying tax filing or loan applications.
  • Security: Securely store your downloaded salary slips on your device to protect your personal information.


Following these simple steps, you can readily download your Primehr salary slip and enjoy the ease and security of managing your finances online. Remember, don’t hesitate to contact your HR department for support if you have any questions or issues.

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