PSHD Covid Test Result 2023

PSHD Covid Test Result of Primary & Secondary Health Care Department check online here. Pakistan’s PSHD Covid test results may be seen online from this link. The results of the COVID-19 laboratory test may be found at COVID-19 test results and COVID-20 results may be seen online by the Primary and Secondary Health Care Department. You may access the online version of the public report at http / if you choose. What kind of COVID-19 tests are available? What are antigens and antibodies?

Primary & Secondary Health Care Department Covid Test Result 2023

Fill out the results assistance form below if you’ve been unable to obtain your results on your patient results portal for more than 48 hours after your test.

PSHD Covid Test Result Online Check

PSHD Covid Test Result

Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman, the minister of primary and secondary health care, said the programme was put in place so that people could be more comfortable. He also claimed that the Primary and Secondary Health Care Department had completed the project on time. ‘All government lab findings will be released online in the same manner that private laboratories’ reports are accessible,’ he said.”

P&SHD Covid Test Result Online

Coronavirus monitoring has improved over time, but it has now slowed to a crawl once again after the global outbreak. For patents, a new feature is the opportunity to read and download their electronic laboratory research results, and to get text message updates on their covid-19 test.

It has been made public so far all of the results of the lab tests that have been done thus far With COVID-19, you’ll be able to see all of your findings online, no matter when the outbreak started. When a test result is obtained, the patient is alerted through SMS to their selected phone number, according to the Secretary of Primary and Secondary Health Care. According to the Health Secretary’s office, more than 130,000 reports have been sent by SMS thus far.

Covid-19 Test Results Online Pakistan tracking No current updates available.
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As part of a new service offered by the Punjab government’s Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, participants in this year’s COVID-19 test will be able to get their results through SMS. With this service, door-to-door services have made great progress. The Punjab government’s Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has introduced an SMS service that allows users to see their COVID-19 report online. In the long term, this service will lead to the delivery of services directly to the doorsteps of the city’s people.

Shaukat khanum covid test result online check

Health officials in Pakistan’s Punjab province said they want to build 14,000 new immunisation facilities throughout the state (PSHD). There will also be mobile teams that go to every neighbourhood and hamlet in order to get the community involved in the vaccination effort and convince residents to get their shots.

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