PSL 9 Total Budget 2024 and Winning Prize Money

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is one of the most popular cricket leagues in the world, and it’s no surprise that fans are already excited about the upcoming season, PSL 9. Each year, the PSL gets bigger and better, and 2024 is expected to be no different. Read this article carefully if you want to check PSL 9 Total Budget 2024 and Winning Prize Money

How Much Will PSL 9 Cost?

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is how much PSL 9 will cost. According to sources, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has allocated a total budget of PKR 3.5 billion for PSL 9. This is a significant increase from the PKR 3 billion budget for PSL 8, which shows the PCB’s commitment to making the league even more successful.

Here’s a breakdown of the PSL budget over the years:

  • PSL 1 (2015): PKR 1.5 billion
  • PSL 2 (2016): PKR 2 billion
  • PSL 3 (2017): PKR 2.5 billion
  • PSL 4 (2018): PKR 3 billion
  • PSL 5 (2019): PKR 3 billion
  • PSL 6 (2020): PKR 3 billion (Partially Cancelled Due to COVID-19)
  • PSL 7 (2021): PKR 3 billion
  • PSL 8 (2023): PKR 3 billion
  • PSL 9 (2024): PKR 3.5 billion (expected)

This upward trend shows the PCB’s commitment to making PSL a world-class cricket league. The increased budget will likely be used for:

  • Enhancing production value: Expect better broadcasting technology, improved graphics, and a more immersive viewing experience.
  • Improving player experience: This could include better travel arrangements, accommodation, and training facilities.
  • Boosting fan engagement: More interactive activities, social media initiatives, and fan-focused events are likely.
  • Attracting top international players: A higher budget allows for bigger paychecks, potentially luring more big names to the league.

PSL Winning Prize in Rupees

However, based on the prize money for PSL 8, which was Rs. 120 million for the winners and Rs. 48 million for the runners-up, we can speculate that the prize money for PSL 9 might be similar or even higher.

The official announcement regarding the prize money for PSL 9 will likely be made by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) closer to the tournament’s start date, which is yet to be announced.

What Will the Prize Money be for PSL 9?

The winner of PSL 9 will take home a handsome prize of PKR 50 million, which is the same as the prize money for PSL 8. The runner-up will receive PKR 25 million, and the two losing semi-finalists will each receive PKR 12.5 million.

Where Will PSL 9 be Played?

The venues for PSL 9 have yet to be confirmed, but the matches are expected to be played in Pakistan, with Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Multan being the most likely host cities.

What Can We Expect From PSL 9?

PSL 9 promises to be another exciting cricket season. With some of the biggest names in world cricket set to take part, PSL 9 is sure to be a feast for cricket fans. Some of the star players who are expected to feature in PSL 9 include:

  • Babar Azam
  • Shaheen Shah Afridi
  • Rashid Khan
  • Mohammad Rizwan
  • Shoaib Malik
  • Kamran Akmal
  • Fakhar Zaman
  • Hasan Ali

PSL 9 is also expected to see some new faces emerge. With the PCB’s focus on developing young talent, PSL 9 could be the platform for the next generation of Pakistani cricket stars to shine. Check Also, PSL Platinum Category 2024 Price List.


PSL 9 is shaping up to be an exciting cricket season. With a bigger budget, more prize money, and some of the biggest names in world cricket set to take part, PSL 9 is sure to be a spectacle.

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