STEP SELF Assessment Test 2024 Registration Online

The Registration for STEP Scholarship-based Self-Assessment Test (SSAT) 2024 is open for those candidates who missed ECAT 2024. Applications are invited from all the medical students who are seeking a second chance at LMDCAT & NUMS. STEP Super Batch is about to start from 28th April 2024. Students can REGISTER online or by visiting your nearest Punjab College and Hadaf College Campuses for FREE registrations.

Step Online Registration

Because we respect students’ time, the process to participate in SSAT 2024 is simple. For Intermediate Part-II or repeat students who want to enrol in engineering and medical schools, the STEP Self-Assessment Test is free.

Title: STEP SELF Assessment Test 2024
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STEP Self Assessment Test 2024 Date

Free STEP Self-Assessment Test is right around the corner! Hurry up and get yourself registered.


  • Last date to apply: 2ND MAY, 2024

PIEAS Reschedule

  • Last date to apply: 19th June, 2024
  • Test Date: 9th July, 2024


  • LAST DATE TO APPLY: 2nd May, 2024 Self Assessment

Carrying on the tradition of the Punjab Group of Colleges, STEP aims to give students the tools they need to excel in the Entry Test. Before taking the Entry Test 2024, students can gain practise with entry tests by taking the STEP Self-Assessment Test (SSAT-2024). Students who take the SSAT will learn more about the operation of the Entry Test, and STEP will provide FREE preparation for the Entry Test to the top 3000 SSAT scores.

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The STEP Self-Assessment Test 2024 invites students to visit and evaluate their readiness for the Entry Test as it strives for greatness. Students in more than 100 cities throughout Pakistan will benefit from this famous STEP Self-Assessment Test.

SSAT Eligibility Criteria

  1. The STEP Self-Assessment Test 2024 is open to anyone from Intermediate Part-II or repeaters who hopes to enrol in a medical or engineering institution.
  2. This scholarship-based exam is open to all students from the Punjab Group of Colleges, the Hadaf Group of Colleges, and students from other institutions.
  3. ICS Students who take both statistics and economics are ineligible for the SSAT in 2024.

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It’s time to evaluate your readiness for students planning to take the Entry Test in 2024! The renowned STEP Self-Assessment Test (SSAT), which is dependent on scholarships, is back in 2024. The largest entry test preparation network in Pakistan is offering this test as a fantastic chance for students to learn their actual entry test standing. SSAT will not only assist students in evaluating their readiness for the engineering and medical entry tests, but it will also give them a fantastic chance to receive free entry test preparation from STEP.

SSAT Scholarship Policy

The STEP Self-Assessment Test has a clear and comprehensive scholarship policy. STEP will award scholarships to additional pupils in addition to the top 3000 scorers.

  • Top 3000 scores receive a 100% scholarship.
  • Upon passing the STEP Self-Assessment Test, non-Punjabis and non-Hadaf college students are eligible for a 15% grant.
  • 25% grant for college students who are not Punjabis or Hadaf and who receive scores of 80% or higher on the STEP Self-Assessment Test.

Students will benefit from the STEP, Self-Assessment Test on two levels. They will gain clarity about their preparation on the first stage. On another level, this exam will offer comprehensive knowledge about the entrance exams for engineering and medical schools. In recognition of the effort put forth by students, STEP will provide free education to 3000 of the test’s top scorers in 2024. This encompasses engineering and medical students. Don’t hesitate to take the opportunity to brighten your future.

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