AFNS Test Syllabus 2024 Paper Pattern pdf Download

AFNS Test Syllabus 2024 Paper Pattern and solved MCQs pdf Download free from this page. Here is complete information about AFNS online test preparation. AFNS Syllabus contains the with following categories and all MCQs will be based on the following types of questions English test, physics test, chemistry test, biology test, non-verbal intelligence test, general knowledge test, and professional test. If you plan to take the AFNS Test, you should review the syllabus or outline for all subjects here.

AFNS Syllabus 2024 Download PDF Free

Female candidates must apply for the Army Nursing Admission 2024 in order to become a nurse in the Army. Start preparing for the AFNS initial test, which is held at the Army Selection Center, after successfully registering. According to the AFNS syllabus, candidates must take an online test on a computer.

AFNS MCQs Test Syllabus

Intelligence Portion  150
Biology  50
Physics  30
Chemistry  30
English  50
General Knowledge (GK)  30

Read the entire article and get the AFNS curriculum and AFNS Past Papers to prepare according to the AFNS curriculum for 2024. Understanding the AFNS test format requires knowledge of these sample and former papers.

Test Pattern for AFNS

Test Type  Online Computer-based
Test Questions  MCQs
Time Duration  2 Hours
AFNS Test Picked  Punjab Board Books
Total MCQs  300

This is a brief description of the AFNS Initial test syllabus. This is the initial test pattern for the Pakistani Army. Tests of verbal and nonverbal intelligence are significant and require practice. To prepare for these intelligence tests, candidates must practice. A applicant will not be permitted to move on to the academic test if he or she fails the verbal or non-verbal intelligence tests.

AFNS Verbal Intelligence Test Pattern

The verbal intelligence test comprises of 85–90 multiple-choice questions, and you only have 30 minutes to answer them. Candidates cannot pass this portion of the AFNS Initial Test without practice.

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Students may also train for the PMA verbal intelligence test since the verbal and nonverbal tests for AFNS are identical to that test.

AFNS Non Verbal Intelligence Test Pattern

The second component of the AFNS Initial Test is nonverbal intelligence. In this test, the candidate has 30 minutes to answer 85–90 multiple-choice questions. You can study for this test online or purchase the AFNS Test Preparation Book for a complete understanding of the AFNS Test Syllabus. Get the AFNS Book, order it online, and pay when it arrives.

Afns Academic Test Preparation

The most significant component of the initial test is the AFNS Academic Test. Following are the subjects for the initial AFNS test. Ge study guide or study notes for the AFNS Academic Test. 50 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) must be answered correctly in 25 minutes for the Academic Portion to pass, which requires 22 correct answers out of 50.

AFNS Past Papers PDF Download

For the purpose of any test preparation, previous papers are crucial. For test preparation, students go for AFNS Past Papers. They can obtain AFNS Past Papers here along with solutions. The AFNS Test Preparation Book now includes AFNS Past Papers with Repetition MCQs.

Complete the AFNS practice papers from previous Army Nursing exams. The AFNS Book also includes practice papers and answer keys.

Candidates who desire to be accepted into the Armed Forces Nursing Services AFNS can study for the entrance exams online and in books. For preparation, a variety of books are available on the market. For preparation, you can purchase a book.

The entire subject required for the AFNS Test is not covered by students during their online preparation. It would be preferable to study from a book using the exam’s format and the AFNS Syllabus.

AFNS Test preparation Book pdf Download

Here is the AFNS Test Preparation Book, which includes the AFNS Past Papers, Academic Test, Non Verbal Intelligence Test, and AFNS Interview Guide. The AFNS Guide book for the AFNS Test 2024 is available here.

AFNS interview Preparation

The final merit list selection process also includes an interview for AFNS candidates. In interviews, many prospects were turned down. We suggest that you study for both the preliminary exam and the interview. Students who aspire to join the Pakistani Army as nurses should be familiar with the fundamentals of nursing.

The responsibilities of an army nurse are extensive. The Army will instruct and prepare you for these responsibilities. During the interview, they will evaluate these attributes.

Dogar AFNS Guide Pdf Free Download pdf

On this website, we have additionally included all pertinent information about AFNS. You may obtain all the information on one page without visiting any other pages. The whole information for both verbal and nonverbal MCQs is available online. Click the link provided below to view the full AFNS schedule. Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted for the interview and selection process. Only those with a Pakistani domicile may apply.

Join Pakistan Army Nursing Syllabus 2024

They did, however, have more than five parts that dealt with academic MCQs and IQ tests. The desire of students is to participate in any Afns exam. The books or boards that were utilized for the Afns exam will therefore need to be determined. The Punjab board texts area is where the AFNS test is selected. Here is a quick description of the AFNS Initial Test syllabus.

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  2. Hy i want to ask why there is no option of roll number slip on website for AFNS plz tell me how i have also apply it and now i cant open the website


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