AIOU Degree Tracking and Delivery System DTS 2024

Welcome to AIOU Degree Tracking 2024 Online DTS Delivery System. Please visit to track your degree. The DTS system helps you to obtain your degree by keeping track of its status. Most of the time, students easily and swiftly receive their degrees from home. But occasionally they are unable to accept it. Allama Iqbal Open University created the AIOU Degree Tracking (AIOU-DTS) system to assist students in conveniently track their degree status online to address this issue.

AIOU Degree Tracking Online

The DTS system helps you to check your status. You may learn where your degree is and how to get it in a few different ways. Here, we’ll go over the entire process of tracking your academic progress and show you how to use the AIOU tracking system to acquire your degree the right way.

Aiou Degree Tracking System

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This system explains to you where your degree is and why you didn’t get it. Additionally, it states the objection or the degree that was denied. You should therefore use this system to determine your degree accurately.

AIOU DTS Tracking and Delivery System

Are you one of the students looking for a way to track your degree because you didn’t get it? The DTS system is the simplest and most convenient way to keep track of an AIOu degree. The system aids in locating your degree’s precise location, such as the institution or post office where it is kept.

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AIOU provides a range of beneficial services for students that are all free to use. For minor tasks, they are not required to travel to the institution. They have access to many internet activities and free services. The DTS system for tracking the degree is one of their beneficial offerings.

How to Track AIOU Degree using DTS Portal?

Utilize the online DTS system to follow the steps and monitor your degree.

  1. Visit the website for the AIOU DTS tracking system.
  2. To view the box labeled “View Application Status for PC/degree,” click the link that says “In Process Applications.” the tracking ID for your degree or the roll number
  3. Click “View PC/Degree Application Status” to submit the form.
  4. You can now see all the details about your degree status.
  5. Your PRC/Transcript No, Post/Courier No Dispatch Date, and Degree No will be displayed.

How to Check Degree Dispatch Status?

You need to check your degree at the post office if you receive the message “Dear Student, Your PC/Degree has been Dispatched at your given address, if not yet delivered to you, please contact your concerned Post Courier/Office or TCS Centre.”

Follow the instructions to quickly find out where your degree is being sent.

  1. Visit to access the Pakistan Office’s official website.
  2. The “Tracking Id” search field can be found in the top right corner.
  3. Your Post/Courier No.RGL number should be entered. This number is available from AIOU-DTS.
  4. Now select “Track” from the menu.
  5. Here, you may see where it is right now and when your degree will be delivered.

Degree Form of AIOU

You must apply for your degree, which is a straightforward process. An AIOU degree form must be downloaded online and submitted with the application to the examination department. You will be able to receive your degree in a few weeks.

  1. Go to the Download Forms department of the Allama Iqbal Open University.
  2. Browse to the Degree Forms section by scrolling down.
  3. You can find a different form here. The updated degree form can be downloaded.
  4. Enter your personal and educational details in the form.
  5. Include any required document that is requested on the form.

The student may locate the location and easily see where their degree is at this time. They can also discover the day the degree is granted. Using the DTS system is all that is necessary to check.

AIOU Degree Delivery Time and Date

The cost determines when the degree will be delivered. If you submit an urgent application, you will receive your degree at your address in two weeks. However, if you pay a regular charge, the developer will show up at your door once. TCS or the postal service may cause some delays.

Clearing of AIOU degree objections

Sometimes a student’s degree receives an objection from the institution, which you must overcome. You must act in accordance with the actions that the institution specifies after stating the basis for the objection.

If you have trouble with objections, take these actions:

  1. Click on Objection Forms.
  2. Choose either search by form number or name.
  3. Afterward, type the form’s name or ID number into the search box.
  4. Find the cause of the objection by clicking the submit button.

DTS Degree Section Contact Number

Matric / F.A 051-09057333
Graduate 051-9057331
B.ED 051-9057332
Postgraduate 051-9057329
Addressing the Issue Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad’s Block No. 3 Department of Certificate/Degree Section.
Fax Number 9250026
Branch Contact Number 051-2528962

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