CSS Screening Test Result 2024 Expected Date out

CSS Screening Test Result 2024 has been announced in October. MPT CSS Result 2024 Answer Keys download pdf. A screening exam for the CSS Annual Completive Examination 2024 was administered today, by the Federal Public Service Commission Pakistan. A carbon duplicate of the answer sheet has been sent to students by the FPSC, and they are encouraged to use the answer key in order to verify their answers. FPSC css mpt result announced. Special css mpt result 2024 release date is mentioned above.

Note: Special CSS MPT result announced. You can check the result from the given link below.

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MPT Result 2024 Date

Latest Note: Result of CSS MCQ Based Preliminary Test (MPT) was in 2024 and is going to be announced today. All those candidates who want to appear in the CSS papers went through this page. EduHelp.pk has the CSS MPT Test Scores.

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CSS MPT Screening Test Result 2024 has been issued. As CSS screening test 2024 result date has been announced by the officials and the method to check the result is also written below.

CSS MPT Test Result 2024

This website will be updated with the CSS MPT Exam Answer Key on the same day the test is administered, so students who took the CSS Screening Test for the CSS Annual Examination may immediately access the test’s answer key. Competitive Examination CSS 2024 MPT Final Result has been announced in 2024.

CSS Screening Test Result 2024

Only one out of the 200 questions on the CSS MPT Exam will be marked, and no deductions will be made if the correct answer is selected on the first try. According to the Central Superior Service Exam, this exam will last for 200 minutes.

CSS Result 2024

Test Answers for the CSS MPT In 20243, students must score a minimum of 33% in order to pass the CSS Annual Written Examination, and those who score less than this will be declared ineligible. It is a knowledge-based exam that will only be valid for the current year.


FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan) recently conducted the CSS MPT screening exam on the aforementioned date. When it comes to today’s MPT, it’s for the CSS 2024 Annual Competitive Exam that was conducted yesterday on Sunday.

www.fpsc.gov.pk Result 2024

There will be 200 multiple-choice questions on the CSS MPT exam, each worth one mark. There will be no grading of any kind. According to the Central Superior Service exam, this year’s examination will have a 200-minute time limit.

The CSS 2024 Resolve MPT MCQs, CSS MPT Test Result 2024 solution keys of Previous Paper MCQs are available here. If you’re serious about becoming a CSS professional, I recommend taking this screening exam without the answers. Also, see whether you’ve reached the point where you may expect to get at least 50 percent of the possible points. Set a time limit, such as 200 minutes or 3 hours, to simulate an exam situation.

FPSC CSS Final Result

It was announced that each student would be provided with a carbon copy of the answer sheet, and that they may cross-check their work against an official answer key. On the same day as the test, the CSS MPT Answer Key will also be issued. The answer key will be released tonight, as stated on the exam paper.

FPSC CSS Answer Keys

In CSS MPT Test 2024, what will the results show? By taking and passing the MPT exam on your own, you will meet the criterion for passing with a score of more than 100 out of 200 (50%)


CSS 2024 Solved MPT MCQs | FPSC CSS Screening Test Past Paper MCQs are available here. If you’re serious about CSS, I strongly advise you to retake the Screening exam without knowing the answers.

Test Centre Test Centre
Abbottabad Multan
Bahawalpur Muzaffarabad
D.G. Khan Peshawar
D.I Khan Quetta
Faisalabad Rawalpindi
Gilgit Sargodha
Gujranwala Sukkur
Hyderabad Turbat
Islamabad Lahore
Karachi Larkana

What is MPT Test for CSS

The newest FPSC MCQ-based preliminary test (MPT) for the CSS competitive examination 2024 has been released by the Federal Public Service Commission. The FPSC will conduct an MCQ-based preliminary test (MPT) (Sunday).

CSS MPT Screenining Test result

In order to participate in the main written CSS Competitive Examination, 2024 for the recruitment of BS-17 Federal Government positions, MPT must be passed by all candidates.

CSS PMT Test Passing Marks

33% of the available marks, or 66 points out of a possible 200, must be obtained in order to be eligible.

Aim for at least half of your possible marks, and if not, go on. Assume you’re taking an exam, therefore set a time limit of, say, 200 minutes or 3 hours. For MPT, the passing score is 33 percent, so if you took the exam and scored above 100 out of 200, you’ve done well.

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