HEC USAT Test Registration 2023 Online, Test Date etc.hec.gov.pk

ETC HEC USAT Test Registration 2023 Online, Test Date for Undergraduate Studies programs Admission is open. For registration purposes please go to the link http://etc.hec.gov.pk. The last date for HEC USAT 2023 online registration is 29 May 2023, while the entry test will be held on June 5 2023, tentatively. Higher Education Undergraduate Studies Admission is for candidates who want to take Admission of Associate Degree in Arts, Science, Commerce or any Undergraduate Discipline in any University HEC recognized the University of Pakistan. http //etc.hec.gov.pk for online registration last date is coming closer.

HEC USAT Admission Test Online Registration 2023

اعلیٰ تعلیمی قابلیت ٹیسٹ کی رجسٹریشن 2023 انڈرگریجویٹ اسٹڈیز پروگرامز میں داخلہ کھلا ہے۔ رجسٹریشن کے مقاصد کے لیے براہ کرم نیچے دیے گئے لنک پر جائیں۔ آن لائن رجسٹریشن کی آخری تاریخ 16 جنوری 2023 ہے، جبکہ داخلہ ٹیسٹ 2023 کو عارضی طور پر ہوگا۔ ہائر ایجوکیشن انڈرگریجویٹ اسٹڈیز میں داخلہ ان امیدواروں کے لیے ہے جو پاکستان کی یونیورسٹی ایچ ای سی سے تسلیم شدہ کسی بھی یونیورسٹی میں آرٹس، سائنس، کامرس یا کسی بھی انڈرگریجویٹ ڈسپلن میں ایسوسی ایٹ ڈگری کا داخلہ لینا چاہتے ہی

Last Date 29 May 2023
  USAT Test Date June 5 2023 Expected
USAT Stand For Undergraduate Studies Admission Test
Conducted by HEC Education Testing Council
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HEC USAT Test Registration 2023 Last Date

To join the Education Testing Council (ETC) and get your own username and password, visit their website by clicking the button below. Put in your full name, the name of your father, your country of origin, your CNIC number, a secure password, and your phone number here. as well as the recipient’s email address, and finally, they hit the submit button. Right now is the time to register for the HEC USAT Admission Test Online for 2023. (ETC).

HEC Undergraduate Studies Admission Test 2023 Last Date

Islamabad’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) recently stated that all Pakistani institutions will use the same entrance exam to admit first-year students. Universities will accept scores from the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) in 2023. This test will be given four times a year. How to apply for HEC Undergraduate Studies Admission Test Usat 2023?

HEC USAT Registration 2023

The Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) is administered by the Higher Education Commission Viz Education Testing Council (ETC) and is required for entry into the first year of study in universities throughout Pakistan.

USAT Test 2023 Registration last date

The USAT is an undergraduate admissions exam that tests candidates’ knowledge and skills in every field of engineering, medicine, information technology, management, and the social sciences. It follows the format of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Students that do well on the USAT will be accepted by any university that accepts the SAT.

etc.hec.gov.pk Login

Please Sign in to Education Testing Council Pakistan. Enter your details below. CNIC/Passport *. Password.

USAT Test Breakup/ Marks Distribution Part Wise


  • Number of test items (75 mcqs)
  • Time allowed 100 minutes
  • Verbal reasoning: 35
  • Quantitative reasoning: 40


  • Time allowed 40 minutes
  • Essay writing skills 400-500 words (either in english or urdu): 25

Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduates of a 12 year secondary school programme (HSSC) or its international equivalent
  • Those who have taken the final test and are now waiting for their results
  • Students with a high school diploma or its equivalent in any field

Click Here for ETC HEC Online Registration

A valid USAT score is defined as a score more than or equal to 50. Obtaining a perfect score of 100 on the USAT is the highest possible score.

http //etc.hec.gov.pk for online registration

It is planned that the exam be administered concurrently in all of Pakistan’s main cities once a quarter. However, if more testing is required, it may be provided. Online enrollment will be available, and the annual testing schedule will be posted, on the ETC website.

Categories of USAT test

Category Academic Discipline
USAT-E Pre-Engineering
USAT-M Pre-Medical
USAT-A Arts & Humanities
USAT-CS Computer Science

Each school’s admissions policies will continue to be announced separately. Applicants will be required to submit their USAT ETC score report to colleges and institutions for consideration in the admissions process.

How to Apply for HEC USAT 2023

  1. For online registration, please visit the following link: http://etc.hec.gov.pk.
  2. Go to onlinehelp.hec.gov.pk or one of the HEC’s regional offices if you get stuck throughout the online registration process.
  3. There are two parts to the application process: creating a profile in the “My Profile” area and submitting an application using the “Undergraduate Studies Admission Test” links on the left-hand navigation bar.

How to Apply for HEC USAT Registration?

Sign up for a new account and provide the necessary details at http /etc.hec.gov.pk. To continue, please enter your email and password. Following that, please access the HEC ETC bank challan. Prior to the due date, you must pay the non-refundable USAT fee of PKR 1200. All payments, including those made by challan, must be placed into Habib Bank limited Account No. 1742 7900 1334 01.

Syllabus for SEE-LAW for LAW Graduates of foreign Universities Admission
Sr. # Title Percentage
1. Constitution

1) Constitutional History of Pakistan (Constitutional History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan).

2)  Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 (Fundamental Rights, i.e. Articles 8-24; Parliament, i.e. Articles 50-89; The Judicature, i.e. Articles 175-272).

2. Civil Procedure Code

1) CPC (Sections 9-12, 15-20, 47, 75, 96, 104, 115, 151. Orders 1, 6-9, 39, 41, 43).

3. Criminal Procedure Code

1)  Cr. P.C.

i) Chapter 1 (Preliminary Definitions).

ii) Chapter 5 (Arrest, Escape and Retaking).

iii) Chapter 7 (Processes to compel the production of documents & other moveable property, and for the discovery of persons  wrongfully confined).

iv) Chapter 8 (Security for keeping the peace and for good behavior).

v) Chapter 10 (Public Nuisance)

vi) Chapter 11 (Temporary orders in urgent cases of nuisance and apprehended danger).

vii) Chapter 14 (Information to the police and their powers to investigate-FIR).

viii) Chapter 16 (Complaints to magistrate).

ix) Chapter 17 (The commencement of proceedings before court).

x) Chapter 31 (of Appeals)

xi)  Chapter 39 (of Bail)

4. Law of Evidence
Qanoon-e-Shahdat Order, 1984 20%
5. Specific Relief Act
(Section 8-11, Rescission, Cancellation, Rectification of Instruments, Sections 42 and 56). 20%
Total 100%


The Higher Education Commission and the Education Testing Council (ETC) jointly administered the SAT and the ACT in 2023 as part of the United States Admissions Test (USAT) for first-year college applicants in high school. To that end, the SAT model was used as a basis for developing the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (SAT). The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has introduced online for degree attestation by creating their accounts on HEC web link https://eservices.hec.gov.pk

hec.gov.pk Online Registration

The USAT admissions test will most likely be administered by the Higher Education Commission and the Education Testing Council. Do you know that in 2023 a high Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score would be required for admission to any higher education institution in Pakistan?

USAT Admission Test Date 2023

  1. Registration for the 2023 U.S. Admissions Test is open to anybody who has finished high school or the equivalent (SAT). If you have taken your final HSSC exam and are currently waiting for your results, you are eligible to apply.
  2. Online Registration for ETC HEC 2023 is Now Open at www.etc.hec.gov.pk Login

Which universities accept USAT test in Pakistan?

Every student in Pakistan who wants to take the (USAT) is welcome to do so. Use the information here to see whether you meet the requirements to register for the online USAT Admission Test. The United States Advanced Placement (USAT) test is offered in all majors because the Higher Education Commission wants to make it easier for students to enter college. Admissions officers at universities and colleges will only consider students who have performed well on the USAT.

USAT Test Schedule Dates

Applicants may do so on the HEC’s website. The coronavirus will keep an eye on everything to make sure the experiment is conducted properly. Exam and application costs may be paid for using simple paisa mobile cash or jazz cash, both of which are accepted online. The aforementioned online application procedure is mandatory for all applicants, as is the inclusion of a cover letter and résumé.

USAT Roll Number Slip 2023

Use the above link to visit the website for the Education Testing Council (ETC) and sign up for an account. The fields below ask for your complete name, father’s name, country of origin, CNIC number, password, and personal phone number. by filling in their details (name, postal code, and email) and clicking the “Submit” button. The window to sign up for the HEC USAT Admission Test online in 2023 is now open (ETC).

HEC Portal

The Educational Testing Service will be in charge of giving the SAT for Science Admissions to college freshmen (ETS). The new standard for entering any BS programme.

USAT test for which University

HEC Pakistan’s USAT exam follows the format of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and is intended for incoming freshmen in the fields of engineering, management, medicine, information technology, and the social sciences in Pakistan. If he or she were to pass the USAT, he or she would be qualified to enrol at any school that accepts the SAT.

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