IKLC Result 2024 Pakistan International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest

International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest IKLC Result 2024 Pakistan is announced in January 2024. The IKLC Result 2024 Answer Key is checked online from this page. International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest examination results, answer sheets, and Sample Answer Key are downloaded now for Pre the older Level (Class 1-2) and Ecolier Level (Class 3-4). Students can check the results of Benjamin Level (Class 5-6), Cadet Level (Class 7-8), Junior Level (Class 9-10), Student Level, and also (Class 9-10).

IKLC Result 2023 Pakistan

Latest Updates: The result is officially announced and the names of medal and prize winners are also updated. Creative Learning will dispatch the complete result along with medals and prizes (if any) to the institutions around February 10, 2024.

Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2023 Result

The contest results for this year have been announced, and they are rather amazing! This year’s competition featured participants from 24 national teams, including those from China, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Romania, Thailand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, and the United States of America. Congratulations to all of these teams, including some of the brightest young linguists in the world.

Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2024 Result | Iklc Gold Medal 2024

An email has been sent to the official id of the Principal and Coordinator in this regard.  You can check IKLC Contest 2024 Result, sample keys, and answer sheets here.

International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest Result 2024

بین الاقوامی کینگرو لسانی مقابلے کے امتحان کے نتائج اور آنسر کیزاب ایکولیئر لیول (کلاس 1-4) اور ایکولیئر لیول (3-4) کے لیے ڈاؤن لوڈ کی گئی ہے۔ آپ بینجمن لیول (کلاس 5-6) اور کیڈٹ لیول (کلاس 7-8)، جونیئر لیول (کلاس 9-10)، اسٹوڈنٹ لیول (کلاس 9-10) کے ساتھ ساتھ (کلاس 9-10) کے نتائج بھی دیکھ سکتے ہیں۔ )۔

IKLC Result 2024 Pakistan

IKLC Result 2024 is announced. The result date is not specified. Wait for the result. It will be announced on IKLC’s official page: http://iklc.kangaroo.org.pk/ You will receive your certificates and medals (if achieved) via your school a day or two after the result announcement. It decides the future educational and professional pathways of pupils, making it a widely anticipated occasion.

اس دن کی تقریب کے دوران ایک جوش و خروش کا عالم تھا جہاں 200 سے زائد شرکاء نے اپنا  ٹیسٹ مکمل کیا۔

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Iklc Total Marks

Your score for a test is made up of:

  • Credit Points (24 points for Pre-Ecolier and Ecolier, 30 points for Cadet, Junior, and Student)
  • Points for correct answers
  • Points are taken away for incorrect answers.

Note: Pre-Ecolier and Ecolier have a total of 120 points. Cadets, Junior and Student have a total of 150 points.

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If you have any issues with the IKLC Results, please leave a note in the comment box and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

IKLC Examination Answer Sheets

The results of the Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2024 are announced here. It is possible to see the IKLC comprehensive results for GOLD METALISTS, BRONZE METALISTS, DISTINGUISHED EDUCATIONALIST, PRIZE WINS AT THE STATE LEVEL, at the DISTRICTS LEVEL, at the nation level, at the classes LEVEL, and at other levels of competition online from this website.

IKLC Result 2023 – 2024 Pakistan


International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest Result 2024

There will be simultaneous IKLC events at all of the participating universities around the nation. At each level of competition, judges award the first prize to the winners based on the total points they earn in their respective districts and schools. Moreover, deserving kids receive several additional awards and certificates at each level of participation.

How To Check iklc Result 2024?

International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest IKLC Result 2024 Answer Key, examination answer sheets and Answer Key.

How do you get a gold medal in IKLC?

IKLC Gold Medal 2024 will be awarded for first place in a particular category within the country.

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