Municipal Officer Town Officer Syllabus pdf & Past Papers

SPSC Municipal Officer and Town Officer Syllabus pdf, Past Papers, test pattern and preparation books pdf download. Town Officer (BPS 16), Municipal Officer (BPS 17) and Account Assistant (BPS 16) SPSC written test is going to be held from 23 May 2024 to 6 June 2024. The Town Officer Municipal Officer MCQs Test Guidelines and the Assistant Accounts Officer MCQs Test were both made available by SPSC for Male and Females. The test dates for the local government’s Town Officer, Municipal Officer, and Assistant Accounts Officer tests became available in May 2024 , halfway through the year.

Assistant Accounts Syllabus


Town Officer Syllabus


Municipal Officer Syllabus


SPSC Syllabus for Municipal Officers

This article examines the Municipal Officer BPS-17 Syllabus & Test Pattern PDF Download from the SPSC Local Government Department. Here you may get the Local Government Department’s 2024 BPS-17 Exam Syllabus for Municipal Officers. Three positions offered by the department in question are covered within the course.

SPSC Town Officer Syllabus PDF

Our article will have all the information regarding the Local Government Department Town Officer BPS-17 Syllabus for 2024 . Therefore, take your time and read our post all the way through. The Local Government Department of the Government of Sindh is hiring. We’ll let you know about the test’s syllabus when we talk to you. Two components of the written test are worth 20% each, and the other section is for 80%.

We hope our post will provide you with all the information you need on this subject today. The curriculum vitae and prerequisites for each position are shown below. We’ll include a link to the syllabus’ official webpage in this post. Students who possess the degree are required to study appropriately for their exams.

Municipal Officer SPSC Past Papers PDF

We will also give details regarding the test’s format. In 2024 , the Sindh Public Service Commission SPSC announced that it was accepting applications for Town Officer and Assistant Accounts Officer vacancies in the local government. The Sindh Public Service Commission has declared the job in the Local Government Department Municipal Officer BPS-17 category. This year, there are about 465 openings for this role.

Assistant Accounts Slip Download
Town Officer Slip Download
Municipal Officer Slip Download

Past Papers Of Town Officer (Bps-16)

Practice tests for the SPSC Town Office Syllabus and MCQs from previous Exam Papers are available online. The local government’s Town Officer and Assistant Accounts Officer positions were declared vacant by the Sindh Public Service Commission SPSC earlier in 2024 . Get online free tests with multiple choice questions and answers for preparing for job interviews and exams.

Municipal Officer SPSC Syllabus

Municipal Officer BPS-17 Syllabus pdf & Test Pattern 2024 Exam Pattern PDF Download online here. Test contains 75% general knowledge, 25% of which is in everyday science, 25% in current affairs, and 25% in Pakistani affairs. I’m assuming you’ve finished tests 1 and 2. There are 100 multiple-choice questions in it, including general knowledge MCQs, questions about Pakistani studies and Islamic studies, questions in Urdu, questions in English for computers, and questions about everyday science. Current issues Math MCQs that follow the one-paper MCQs test curriculum are used for testing, services and public service commission exams for a variety of positions. There are 4 separate pages in the test.

SPSC Municipal Officer book PDF

This manual may also be useful for other MCQ-based screening exams, such as the SPSC, FPSC, and PPSC.75% general knowledge, 25% of which is in everyday science, 25% in current affairs, and 25% in Pakistani affairs. Click the link below to access the PDF copy of the book written by former Commissar M. ASLAM BHATTI that is available for download.

Town Officer Past Papers pdf Download

Unfortunately, the Sindh government is unable to hold or cancel all of the tests that the Sindh Public Service Commission SPSC had planned to conduct in the upcoming year. The following is the SPSC’s Mcqs test or pre-interview written exam syllabus.

Assistant Accounts Officer SPSC Past Papers

All the candidates who waited to be freed from the stays imposed by municipal officers, town officers, and assistant accounts officers in local government will receive good news from us. In the near future, information regarding the exam’s precise date will be available online.

The Sindhi government said that the recruitment procedure for the positions of Municipal Officer, Town Official, and Assistant Accounts Officer with SPSC had begun. Many people are vying for this position from all over Sindh, and they are all getting ready for the test. An annual local position in each Pakistani province is the Municipal Officer.

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