NEBP Result 2023 Midwifery, General Nursing and LHV

Results of Nursing and Midwifery Examination Board Punjab (NEBP) for the year 2023 2023 are now available. From this page, you can search for people by name and by roll number. Check your General Nursing & Midwifery Result 2023 by entering your roll number and selecting your category from the drop-down menu. September / October, 2023 session result for all Nursing Diploma Categories by Nursing Examination Board, Punjab, Lahore is announced right now. Best of luck to all candidates. Visit the following official website link for result.

Note: Examination Session September, 2023, Result Announced. Please enter your roll number and select your category. NEBP Find your’s result.

NEBP Result September/October

پنجاب کے نرسنگ ایگزامینیشن بورڈ نےستمبر/اکتوبر کے سیشن کے نتائج آویزاں کر دیئے۔ براہ کرم اپنا رول نمبر درج کریں اور اپنا رزلٹ منتخب کریں۔ رول نمبر، نام، اور شناختی کارڈ نمبر کے ذریعے آن لائن اپنا نتیجہ چیک کریں۔ جلد ہی آپ جنرل نرسنگ، لیڈی ہیلتھ وزیٹرز، مڈ وائفری، پپل مڈوائفری، سرجیکل، میڈیکل، اور نرسنگ کے دیگر کورسز کے کارڈ حاصل کرسکیں گے۔

NEBP Result 2023 gazette

Candidates who actually participated in the Examination Session can get their subject-wise results in their individual subject areas. Check Nursing, Exams, Result, Documents, NOC, Diploma, Registration. Detail Of Marks-sheet Form can be downloaded here.

Final year nursing result 2023

Nursing Examination Punjab Board Punjab result please enter your roll number and choose a category. Result 2023, Punjab Nursing Examination, Nursing Examination Board Punjab. Review for your General Nursing & Midwifery Result 2023 by entering your roll number and choosing your preferred category in your drop-down menu.

LHV Result 2023

You should wait for the formal notification from NEBP, which may be found at NEBP is organised by category. result 2023

This page contains your results for the first year, second year, third year, and fourth year.  View online NEBP nursing exams result 2023. Check Nursing Examination Board Punjab result 2023 by name and roll number. Check out the Punjab Nursing Examination NEBP Result 2023 while 2023 here.

NEBP Results

Community Midwives option Check Result
LPN PART I Check Result
LPN PART II Check Result
F.W.W PART I Check Result
F.W.W PART II Check Result

NEBP Result 2023 MidwiferyNEBP Result Midwifery and General Nursing

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Nursing Exams Result 2023 is available for viewing and downloading by students. We at are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date Nursing Examination Board Punjab Result 2023 in the fields of Midwifery and General Nursing, LHV and PBN, Community midwives, final year nursing, pupil midwifery (LHV-II), lady health visitors (LHV-III), and other programmes on time. So, keep checking back for the most up-to-current information and the NEBP 2023 Result announcement date.

NEBP Nursing Result 2023 Online

The NEBP has a long-term vision for the organisation. It is an excellent and innovative evaluating body that contributes to maintaining the highest possible standards in nursing education and practice.
Pakistan Nursing Council administers a standardised test system for the recruitment of providers of trained and professional nursing practitioners. The Pakistan Nursing Council is responsible for administering the test system (PNC). Result

Since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the Nursing Examination Board of Sindh has been responsible for conducting examinations for nursing students from all over the country. This practice was carried on until 1973. Following an instruction from the Pakistan National Council (PNC) in 1973, all provinces were required to conduct their examinations independently of one another.

PBN Results Action
Operation Theatre Check Result
Anaesthesia Nursing Check Result
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Check Result
Coronary Care Unit (CCU) Check Result
Paediatric Nursing Check Result
Ophthalmic Nursing Check Result
Psychiatric Nursing Check Result
Neuro Nursing Check Result
Nephron Urology Nursing Check Result
Burns Nursing Check Result
Rehabilitation Check Result
Bone Marrow Transplant Check Result
Oncology Nursing Check Result
Accident + Emergency Check Result
Emergency And Critical Care Check Result
Peri-Operative Nursing Check Result

NEBP Midwifery Examination Result 2023

However, due to administrative issues in their own jurisdictions, Balochistan and Frontier provinces were unable to perform examinations. Sindh province, on the other hand, continued to conduct examinations in its own province. Since its inception in October 1980, the Nursing Examination Board of Punjab has conducted examinations in its own nursing institutions, as well as nursing institutes in the other two provinces (Balochistan and Frontier), and has continued to do so to this day.

How to Check NEBP Results 2023 Online

  1. The NEBP Result Can Be Obtained Through the Internet.
  2. Visit the NEBP website for further information. Find out what your NEBP result is.
  3. Identify yourself by entering your roll number in the appropriate field.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select a category to view.
  5. To do a search, click on the “search” button.

Nursing and Midwifery Examination Result 2023

In charge of administering examinations for all categories of nursing students at nursing institutes throughout the province since March 1981, the Nursing Examination Board of Punjab has been in operation since March 1981. Aside from that, the provinces of Islamabad and Kashmir, Balochistan, and the Frontier regions have been conducting their own tests.

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