Wifaq ul Madaris Roll Number Slip 2024 1445 Hijri Exam Date

Download Wifaq ul madaris Roll Number Slip 2024 1445 Hijri Annual and supply exam hifz and Darja Qutub Darse nizami. According to the schedule, the annual exam of wifaq ul madaris will start for all of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan. Wifaq ul madaris roll no slip 2024 145 hijri download here for annual exam.  Annual exams will be held shortly at Wafaq ul Madaris Al Arabia Multan Pakistan. Download your copy of the Wifaq Ul Madaris Roll Number Slips 2023 on this page.

Wifaq ul Madaris Exam Date 2023 24

Darse Nizami annual exam of Wifaq ul Madaris will be held from 30 January to 5 February 2024, according to 19 to 25 Rajab al-Murjab 1445 AH. While the Hifz exams will be conducted from 27 January to February 5, 2024.

Wifaq ul madaris roll number slip 2024 1445 Hijri

Khasa Awal خاصہ اول Download
Khasa Dom خاصہ دوم Download
Aalmia Awal عالمیہ اول Download
Aalmia Dom عالمیا دوم Download
Aalia Awal عالیہ اول Download
Alia Dom عالیہ دوم Download
Sania Ama ثانیہ عامہ Download
Mutawassat متوسط Download
Tajweed Lil Ulma تجوید للعلماء Download
Tajweed Lil Huffaz تجوید للحفاظ Download
Tahfeez al QURAN al Kareem تحفیظ القران الکریم Download

وفاق المدارس رول نمبر 1445

وفاق المدارس نے سالانہ امتحان کے لیے نئی تاریخوں کا اعلان کر دیا ہے۔

وفاق المدارس ملتان پاکستان درس نظامی کے نئے ڈیٹ شیٹ کے مطابق سالانہ امتحان 19 تا  25رجب المرجب 1445 ہجری مطابق 30 جنوری تا 5 فروری 2024 منعقد ہو رہا ہے۔

براہ کرم نیچے دیے گئے لنک پر کلک کر کےاپنے الحاق نمبر سے لاگ ان کریں۔

وفاق المدارس کے امتحانات حفظ 2024

حفظ کے امتحانات 27 جنوری سے 5 فروری تک ہوں گے۔

Wifaq ul Madaris Roll Number Slip 2023 Download

All students, both male, and female, who have registered for this exam are awaiting their roll numbers. Wafa1 ul Madaris Al Arabia Multan Pakistan is ready to conduct the annual examination soon. Wifaq ul madaris roll number Slip 2024 can be downloaded 1445 Hijri via @www.wifaqulmadaris.org or from this page. The annual exam will shortly be held at Wafaq ul Madaris Al Arabia Multan Pakistan. You can access the provided link to get the Wifaq Ul Madaris Roll Number Slip for the year 1445 A.H. Please visit this page to get latest updates regarding Wifaq ul Madaris Online Admission 2024 1445 Last Date.

وفاق المدارس رول نمبر سلپ 1445

رول نمبر سلپ بذریعہ ڈاک نہیں بھیجی جائیں گی۔ مدارس اپنی آئی ڈی کے تحت وفاق کی ویب سائیٹ سے پرنٹ کریں گے۔ پنجاب، سندھ، بلوچستان، کے پی کے، آزاد جموں و کشمیر اور گلگت بلتستان کے تمام طلباء بغیر کسی پریشانی کے اپنی رول نمبر سلپ ڈاؤن لوڈ کر سکتے ہیں۔

اپنا رزلٹ چیک کرنے کے لیئے نیچے دیئے لنک پر کلک کریں

Check Wifaq Ul Madaris Result 2023 by Roll Number

Wifaq ul Madaris Roll Number Slip 2024/1445 Hijri Annual

Wifaq ul madaris roll number slip 2024 1445 hijri available to downlaod. Along with the examination information, roll number slips, examination centers, books, roll number slips, individual roll number slips, madrasas/universities, number of admissions and get details of Madrasahs/Universities here. To get the Wifaq annual roll number slip, fill out the required fields. The registration number will be shown after the information has been filled in.

Wifaq ul Madaris Android APP

Download the wifaq ul madaris official android app to get introduction, Syllabus and Mnthly wifaq Updates here.

Download Here

www.wifaqulmadaris.org Roll Number slip

Download the slip of recent exam that was held on February. If you have forgot your Ilhaq number then you can check this on slip. This will help you to check your result. All of the candidates of dars e nizami for all 8 years can download their slip online from www.wifaqulmadaris.org  here.

Wifaq ul Madaris Exam 2024

Roundabout 5 lac and 17 thousand male and female candidates appeared in the annual exam at 2844 centers in all over Pakistan. All Wafaq ul Madaris 1445 hijri class roll numbers, including Darja Kutub, Hifaz, Aama Khasa, Tafseer, and tafseer al-quraan, may now be found right here. You may download your wifaq ul madaris roll number slip 2024  from wifaqulmadaris.org any of the provinces of Pakistan: Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, KPK, AJK, & Gilgit Baltistan. Wifaq ul Madaris WMAA manages the exams from matric class to the master degree in various subjects and religious disciplines.

فارم لاگ ان کرنے کا طریقہ کار

مدارس لاگ ان
الحاق نمبر (آخری پانچ ہندسوں کا اندراج کریں)۔مثلاً (00001)
خفیہ کوڈ ردج کریں
لاگ ان کریں
نوٹ: سم نیٹ ورک کی تبدیلی کی صورت میں ایس ایم ایس موصول نہیں ہوگا۔

رقم الجلوس 1445 ھجری وفاق المدارس امتحان رولنمبر 2024

Wifaq Ul Madaris Annual Examination information may be found on this website for all Baneen and Banaat from Hifz and Darja E Kutab. Use this website to get the Wifaq ul Madaris Roll Number Slip 2024 1445 Hijri.

Wifaq ul Madaris Roll Number Slip 2024 Online

We’d like to extend an invitation to those of you who When downloading the roll number slip, please let us know if there is an issue. Please use the comments section to get in touch with us. We’re here to assist.

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From matriculation through master’s degree exams, the Wifaq ul Madaris (WMAA) is in charge of administering examinations in a wide range of courses and religious disciplines. WMAA Pakistan is affiliated with around 8,000 Iqra Schools and 10,000 seminaries.

#Wifaq ul Madaris official website

Many seminaries offer enrollment to various computer and scientific courses each year in order to raise educational standards. One of the country’s most important Islamic educational institutions is Wifaq al Madaris Al Arabia Multan Pakistan. This religious authority has been in operation since 1957.

Wifaq ul madaris WhatsApp group link

This website contains the Wafaq Ul Madaris yearly exam roll number slip. You may get a Roll number slip for the 1445 Hijri/ 2024 yearly and supplemental examinations for both males and females. All candidates’ roll number slips may be downloaded here.

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Wifaq ul Madaris Contact Number

Get wifaq ul madaris roll number slip all of details from the officials.

Phone Number 92-061-6514525-26-27 061-6539665, 6539376
Email [email protected]
Address Sher Shah Road Garden Town Multan Pakistan
Official Website @www.wifaqulmadaris.org

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