Cambridge O Level Date Sheet 2024 Pakistan

The Cambridge International Examination (CIE) June date sheet has been issued. The complete schedule of tests for the June 2024 series is included in this schedule. This is the schedule in its final form. Please be aware that the tentative schedule may alter in some way. The schedule can be seen by syllabus or by week. The entire amount of time indicated in the schedule already accounts for the time applicants need to go over question papers, research maps, and other materials. You can’t give yourself any more time.

Planning your Schedule and Key Times

Exams must be taken by the Key Time standards and as indicated on this schedule in the morning (AM), afternoon (PM), or evening (EV) session. For the morning (AM), afternoon (PM), and evening (EV) sessions, there is one Key Time, respectively. You may find your key times at, the Key Times portion of our website.

At the Key Time, each candidate registered for an exam in a session needs to be under full center supervision. Candidates must be under full center supervision from the Key Time until the exam begins if centers schedule exams after the Key Time. If candidates finish the exam ahead of schedule, they have to wait until the key time under full center supervision. Please refer to the Cambridge Handbooks Key Times and Full Center Supervision section for more information regarding our policies regarding these times.

Cambridge O Level Date Sheet 2024 Announced

Any changes to this schedule will be announced in our monthly Cambridge Exams Officer eNewsletter and on the schedules area of the Cambridge International website ( See for additional information on this valuable tool.

Check Date Sheet and Timetable

Please review the final schedule and look for any possible conflicts. Applying for a timetable variation should be postponed until after you have turned in your entries and obtained your report on the conflicts in your schedule. Please refer to section 1 of the Cambridge Handbook for more information regarding schedule conflicts and how to request a timetable deviation.

A candidate may take a completely supervised break between two papers if they are entered for exams that are scheduled for the same session. Key Time and Full Center Supervision standards must be adhered to. Please consult the Cambridge Handbook for additional information regarding our policies regarding Key Time and Full Center Supervision.

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